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    Children can have a long list or problems that require well-informed management and effective remedies. Here we emphasize the role of food allergy in causing common problems. The remedy is diet revision following a rational, consistent plan. We developed the Alpha Nutrition program to guide diet revision and to inform parents and other caregivers about the correct food choices and proper nutrition.

    Alpha Nutrition Program

    The Alpha Nutrition Program is a standard method of diet revision that includes healthy foods, popular all over the world and, at the same time, excludes other foods that you would consider normal. But, normal foods are not normal when your child is ill or behaving badly.

    The program is based on removing the cause of illness by correcting a faulty food supply. The Alpha Nutrition Program is standard method of diet revision. The program was developed as practical medical management of food-related illnesses. The Alpha Nutrition Program works well for children, but change is difficult. Each child has individual needs. Your task is to find the best-fit food choices for your child's special biological requirements.

    ;Mother is often the leader when a child needs help. You cannot isolate one person in a family and change their diet while everyone else continues to eat all the old foods. The whole family has to be involved to help one child. When a family does Alpha Nutrition together, everyone tends to benefit. If you have identified a need for change, you may still have doubts about what you should do. You may first try minor changes or look for easier solutions than complete diet revision. You probably have discussed your options with family, friends, and professional advisers and have collected different, perhaps contradictory opinions.

    The Alpha Nutrition Program emphasized foods that are nourishing and are associated with the prevention and treatment of many common food-related diseases at every age. Since there is no easy testing method that reliably identify specific foods that cause illnesses, we cannot specify a short list of foods to avoid and assume that every other food will function properly. You have to build a new diet for your children starting with the best food choices for a healthy, long life.

    The potential for change in children's physical and mental state is great. But, any change is disruptive. You should, therefore, expect some difficulties in changing your children's' food choices, and prepare to cope with the problems you will encounter.

    Family participation is important to children, who have difficulty if their food is different from everyone else. With food problems, several family members are often afflicted, but perhaps not to the same degree. If the whole family participates, other family members will benefit, even when no benefit is anticipated. Explain your child's new needs to family and friends to avoid conflict, embarrassment, and the inevitable "good advice", which is seldom helpful Emphasize the positive. Reassure your child that diet revision will help them.

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