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  • Conversations with God

    Like Moses, I have made special preparations and often climbed heights of land with some difficulty-- mountains in BC, for example--- to have a conversation with God. One exceptional encounter occurred when I was meditating on a Texada Island beach. I had begun one warm summer evening early when the water was calm and the sky clear. I entered Samadhi with a wonderful sense of relaxation. I became one with the rocks I was sitting on and with the water that lapped over my legs. The air seemed to thicken with world lines that channeled micro events in curved paths.

    Suddenly, I heard my name called out in a giant whisper, just once. The whisper was very loud and low-pitched, but not disturbing. The conversation that followed was all in mind with no audible component. I could ask questions and wait for answers. The answers were brief and concise. I stated that many groups believed they were chosen by God to have special status and privileges. I asked if she preferred one group of humans over another. God stated: ”I have no preferences.“

    I suggested that humans were in trouble. They fought with each and were relentlessly destructive. Perhaps, a slight modification in brain structure could resolve this problem. She informed me that she has a non-interference policy toward planet earth. None of her people are allowed near our planet.

    I asked if there were any destinations or rewards away from planet earth when humans or other animals died. God replied: “No.” She stated: “Earth is a self-contained experiment in life and spontaneity. I like to watch occasionally, but never intervene.”

    I asked if human astronomers and astrophysicists were on the right track with their amazing discoveries of galaxies, exploding stars, dark matter and black holes. God replied: “These exceptional humans display the kind of intelligence that interests me. I have scheduled more frequent visits to monitor your progress in understanding the dynamics of the universe. “

    I asked the next obvious question about space travel. Will humans be able to locate and travel to other planets? God replied: “Humans are creatures of location, specialized to the conditions on your home planet. You will not be able travel to and adapt elsewhere. Your fate lies with your success or failure on planet earth.”

    Needless to state, I was disappointed with the non- intervention policy. I appealed, saying that the human mind was a work in progress but there were many problems, even beyond the delusions of moral superiority that dominated human interactions.

    I suggested that intelligent intervention in the genome could fix the more obvious mind problems and give humans a better opportunity to thrive on earth. I appealed on behalf of all animals whose existence was in peril because of human activities to no avail. The God in charge of our corner of the great universe is too busy to pay much attention to planet earth. The God is not moralistic and the non-intervention policy is strict – no interference with life on Earth or other planets. The divine being explained that Gods never interfere with planetary life; there have only been rare exceptions. I attempted another approach and asked; “Can you offer some advice or guidance for humans?” But, she declined, explaining again that humans are the authors of their own destiny and will rise or fall on their own merits or weaknesses. God said that that is the interesting part – to see what happens as life forms evolve.

    My impression is that God gets interested in planets that host advanced intelligence. My God suggested the time allotment for earth was increased recently to something like 30 human minutes every 50 human years. Before, it was 4 minutes per 1,000 earth years. Of course, She works at ultra high speed and learns a lot in a few minutes of earth-time. Unlike Job’s Yahweh, my God was feminine and, despite her policy of non interference with earth’s affairs, I felt only her benevolence. There was not a hint of criticism or blame.

    • Religion for the 21st Century is available as printed books and an eBook download. 332 Pages, The book is intended for an educated reader who is interested in a world view of religious expressions past, present and future. The main theme is that each religious group has its own claims and stories and will tend to reject others. A reader committed to one point of view may not accept the egalitarian review presented here. Innate tendencies are expressed as religions and in the past have created conflicts that hinder progress towards the real and true. The book examines paths for religious renewal in the 21st century.

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