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    Alpha PMX can replace meals and provide the essential nutrients for daily nutrition. Alpha PMX is an elemental nutrient formula that supplies all nutrients except fat. Nutrient intake can be quickly boosted by adding Alpha PMX to a fruit or vegetable juice and will often be tolerated when other foods are not. PMX is used as a nutritional supplement or an energy drink mixed in fruit juice, as a tube feeding formula, and in traveling and survival applications. The formula is hypoallergenic and can be used as meal replacement and nutritional supplement when eating is difficult or digestion is impaired.

    Alpha PMX was designed especially for use in fitness programs, athletic training and performance events. After we made and tested the PMX formula, other applications become obvious and many people now use PMX in ways we did not anticipate. A

    Alpha PMX contains carbohydrates, free form amino acids, and all the vitamins and minerals needed to maintain health. Alpha PMX is fat-free and can be used as a complete meal replacement if fat is added in the form of vegetable oil. The amino acid content of Alpha PMX will supplement or replace dietary protein.

    Alpha PMX can be added to fruit and vegetable juices to make complete meals of simple beverages and can be added to soups, or puddings after they have been cooked to increase their nutritive value.

    Alpha PMX can be used by vegetarians to supply nutrients that may be in short supply - such as amino acids, vitamins D, B12, and minerals. Alpha PMX can be used as a quick breakfast. Alpha PMX makes a convenient snack, an excellent nutrient source before and after workouts, and a handy traveling food.

    Adding vegetable and fish oils to the formula

    Add vegetable oil at the rate of one to two tablespoons per 100 grams of the formula. The addition of fat is required to supply essential fatty acids and to increase caloric intake. A combination of extra virgin olive oil and Canola oil in equal proportions is recommended. Also add omega 3 fish oil (salmon or blend of fish oils) to provide DHA daily intake of at least 500 mg. Fat intake can be increased to about 35% of daily caloric intake. Estimate vegetable oil requirement as 9 calories per gram of oil.

    For example start with100 grams of PMX (360 calories) and add 15 Grams of oil (140 calories) to supply a total of 500 calories. The recommended average daily intake for physically active adults who want to maintain current body weight is 1000 to 1500 calories. You would use 2 or 3 of the 500-calorie batches to supply daily nutrition. With added oil, the energy intake profile should be in the range of: Carbohydrate 59% Fat 30 % Amino Acids 11%.

    To supplement daily nutrition

    You may start with Alpha PMX 50 grams three times a day for a total of 500 Calories per day. You would also have two meals to supply another 500 to 1500 Calories per day, depending on your needs and goals.

    50 grams is about 3 heaping tablespoons or a little less than 1/2 cup of formula - mix in one or more cups (about 220 ml) of juice or water. The morning and late afternoon tend to be critical times in the day when Alpha PMX can provide good energy and appetite stability. If you are tired or disinterested in food preparation, a serving of Alpha PMX mixed with fruit or fruit juice will satisfy your immediate nutritional needs.

    About the Sugar Content of Alpha PMX

    Sugar has been blamed for all manner of health problems, often without justification. Many people who contact us with sugar concerns are misinformed and confused about the role of sugar in the body. They cannot differentiate among different kinds of sugar. They have not learned that glucose runs every cell alive on planet earth. Glucose, like oxygen and water is essential to life, but too much in the wrong place, at the wrong time can be harmful. The basic principle of a healthy life is that the right molecules have to be delivered to the right place at the right time. This principle is used to formulate elemental nutrient formulas such as Alpha PMX.

    The idea is that glucose and fructose supply the energy that the body needs; the sugars are combined with all other nutrients following an ideal proportioning plan. If glucose utilization is impaired as in diabetes, then the rate of glucose absorption becomes critical. Small frequent doses will often be better utilized and high blood sugar peaks are avoided. More About Sugars

  • Mix Alpha PMX with fresh or frozen fruits, vegetables, or juices in a blender and be healthy. Alpha PMX is an all-propose meal replacement formula. Packaged as a dry powder in 1000 gram jars. PMX is mixed with with vegetable oil to make a complete meal. Before you order, we want you to be well educated about PMX ingredients, nutrient values and uses. Alpha PMX is gluten free and does not contain cows milk, Soya, or egg ingredients.
    Alpha PMX is suitable for vegetarians.
    A summary of PMX information is available in the Adobe PDF eBook format for free download

    Download Book of Alpha PMX

    New Formula Orders If you are ordering Alpha PMX for the first time, we limit formula orders to one jar. You need to evaluate the formula and learn how to use it properly before you order more. We also want you to read our books and become well-informed. If you believe you have allergy or intolerance to vitamins, minerals, oils, or sugars please review our ingredient lists carefully before you order.

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