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  • The Importance of No Proteins

    One of the therapeutic secrets of Alpha ENF, Alpha PMX Alpha AAX, and Alpha DMX is the avoidance of proteins or peptides. Proteins are the most reactive molecules in food allergic disease. Staple foods such as milk, eggs, wheat, corn, soy and meat contain proteins that frequently cause immune responses and are the basic problem in delayed patterns of food allergy.

    Prominent allergist-immunologists such as Brennerman, Gerrard, Knicker, Hill, Brostoff and numerous others made conspicuous efforts to elucidate the delayed forms of food allergy which involve the most profound immune mechanisms. Delayed reactions begin in the gastrointestinal tract mucosa and spread inward to any body tissue if food proteins enter the circulation and interact with the circulating immune system. Incoming food protein/antigens tend to form immune complexes, and can injury target organs by triggering inflammatory responses in a variety of ways. Knicker stated : "Delayed adverse reactions to foods are exceedingly varied, and may involve virtually any organ system. Some reactions are classically allergic ( the same list described for immediate reactions alone), and at times may reflect delayed IgE-mediated mechanisms. Others involve a single organ system, or multiple organ systems ( e.g. the central nervous system, respiratory system, skin, musculoskeletal apparatus, gastrointestinal system, cardiovascular system etc.) with puzzling combination of symptoms."

    Our focus is on the interface between things ingested and the inner body space.; The boundary is the wall of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT). This boundary selects molecules for entry into the private space of self. Understanding what crosses this boundary is critical to the new understanding of food allergy and; the diseases it causes. Coombs and McLaughlin summarized the problem:; "Food proteins in the gastrointestinal tract and their absorption into the body as antigenic molecules have immunologic significance both in

    (i) initiating an allergic state and;

    (ii) in the subsequent challenges,; a variety of mechanisms; may cause some form of 'food-allergic disease."

    Proteins in Formulas

    Meal replacement formulas, liquid diets and protein powders sold as "body-building" supplements can be a source of trouble. Protein powders are often made from cheap proteins such as milk protein (casein, caseinates, whey), egg white (albumin), soya proteins, or hydrolyzed vegetable proteins. Hydrolyzed proteins are only partially digested; by chemical means and retain allergenic properties. In addition small peptides have physiological properties and may cause unexpected problems both the digestive tract and in the whole body.

    Removing Protein Disease

    Alpha AAX, ENF and PMX avoid all the protein problems by providing a balanced set of pure l-form amino acids - the real nutrients derived from proteins by digestion of food. Amino acids do not trigger immune responses and are therefore hypoallergenic. Free amino acids are more expensive than protein powders, but freeing the immune system from protein challenge is well worth the cost.

    AAX can be used whenever increased intake of amino acids is desirable. The dose range is 10 to 50 Grams per day in divided doses. The best time to take AAX is between meals, before and after workouts and body building exercises. AAX can be used to replace dietary protein when eating is reduced or digestion is impaired.; AAX can be added to Alpha ENF and or Alpha PMX to boost amino acid intake.

    Even with no food protein intake, a daily intake of 30 grams of free form amino acids will be adequate for most people, most of the time. RDA protein values are crude approximations based on food protein values. AAX is a precisely engineered amino acid set and the amino acids are 100% available, so that the total daily requirement for amino acids is lower the RDA values for protein intake. As a rule of thumb, we recommend calculating the RDA protein requirement in Grams and supplying 30 to 50% of that value as the Alpha blend of amino acids (Available separately in Alpha AAX or combines with other nutrients in Alpha ENF, Alpha PMX, and Alpha DMX.)

  • In Alpha AAX nine essential amino acids are complemented by 10 of the non-essential amino acids. There are no additional ingredients in Alpha AAX. Only pure l-form amino acids are provided. Alpha AAX is a powder to be added to fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables or juices and mixed in a blender. The formula is useful for special nutritional needs.

    Before you order, we want you to be well educated about amino acids and their proper use as a nutritional supplement. Please read our online information carefully and download the Alpha AAX eBook.

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