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  • Amino Acids and Protein Requirement

    Nine essential amino acids are complemented by 10 of the non-essential amino acids. l-form amino acids are provided in Alpha DMX. Amino acids are the real nutrients derived from proteins by digestion of food. Amino acids do not trigger immune responses. Free amino acids are more expensive than protein powders, and hydrolyzed proteins but free the immune system from protein challenge. Some of these amino acids are not destined to be included in body proteins but will be used as neurotransmitters.

    1. Tyrosine and phenylalanine, for example, are converted to dopamine, noradrenalin and adrenalin.
    2. Tryptophan is converted into serotonin.
    3. Glycine itself is a major neurotransmitter in the spinal cord.
    4. Glutamate is the most abundant amino acid neurotransmitter in the brain.

    Sources: amino acids are individually added to DMX are pure, l-form amino acids. The amino acids are produced by variety of techniques. The formulas are hypoallergenic and have been tolerated by people with food allergies.

    We have thought a lot about the relationship between the food intake of protein and the intake of pure amino acids in our elemental nutrient formulas. A naive assumption is that amino acid intake and protein intake are the same. If you are told that a you need 75 Grams of protein per day and you want to replace the protein with amino acids, you assume you have intake 75 grams of amino acids. Not so.

    We believe that a daily intake of about 25 grams of free form amino acids will be adequate for most people, most of the time. RDA protein values are approximations of average intakes based on food protein values. The proteins in foods have to be digested into dipeptides and free amino acids before nutrients are available Some percentage of food protein is wasted in the digestive tract.

    25 grams per day of DMX supplies 12 grams of amino acids which should be equivalent to at least 25 grams of food protein intake. The balance of AA need can be supplied, even with low protein vegetable foods or by adding 12 grams of Alpha AAX to the daily intake.

    If amino acids arrive in high concentrations, the liver is obligated to destroy most of them; so that high protein intake is wasteful if you want the amino acids to be utilized as protein building blocks and as neurotransmitter substrates. Hence we recommend that Alpha DMX is taken with little or no food. You have to know that the body recycles amino acids and becomes every efficient when protein intake is low; the net loss of amino acids can drop to 2 grams per day.

    You have to know that amino acid proportioning is relevant to how amino acids are admitted to cells and how they are utilized. The concept of protein quality is used to express the idea that all the 9 essential amino acids have to be present before any of them can be used to make proteins. Plants may have incomplete amino acids sets, for example, and protein deficiency symptoms can appear even when the protein intake is adequate. With the carefully designed amino acid mix in DMX, utilization is optimized.

    Protein is assigned a caloric value of 4 calories per gram, assuming that all the protein is available and is burned as a fuel. The goal of Alpha DMX formula use is not to burn amino acids as fuel, but to utilize them in their many physiological roles. When estimating the nutrient values of Alpha DMX, the caloric value of amino acids is therefore a "dumb value" that should be 0 (zero).

    DMX Daily Dose: 25 Grams as 2 servings of approximately 12.5 grams. An average teaspoon volume weighs about 6 grams depending on the shape of the spoon and how full it is. You can approximate a 12.5 gram serving as 2 teaspoons of formula. One 500-Gram jar supplies 20 or more days of nutritional support.

    Alpha DMX is a bottle full of nutrients designed to is designed to achieve high nutrient density with reduced caloric intake. DMX is best mixed with frozen fruit, vegetables or as juices in a blender. Depending on your food tolerances, rice milk, soya milk and yogurt may be added to the DMX mix and blended. Calories are provided by the food added to the DMX mix and eaten during the day. The formula contains no fats. DMX daily dose 25 Grams as 2 servings of 12.5 grams twice a day. Sold in 500-Gram jars that supply 20 or more days of complete nutritional support.

    Download DMX Instructions as a PDF file with complete formula information

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