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    Standard medical treatment protocols for Diabetes 2 always mention diet revision and then quickly proceed to medication options. While diet control is always mentioned, the critical, decisive importance of diet revision and exercise is not emphasized and in practice, diet revision is often neglected in favor of drug treatments. The truth that all diabetics should eat a low carbohydrate, low fat, low protein diet. The only way you can achieve all three goals is to eat a low calorie diet, supplemented by calorie-free nutrients. Alpha DMX to the rescue! with 25 grams of Alpha DMX per day, your nutrient intake reaches recommended daily intakes goals for all vitamins and minerals even if you eat no food.

    There are specific nutrients that contribute to the resolution of arterial disease and diabetes 2 . Deficiencies of chromium, biotin and zinc have been associated with glucose intolerance and need to be supplemented. Deficiencies of folic acids, pyridoxine and Vitamin B12 are associated with increased risk of strokes, heart attacks and Alzheimer’s dementia; these vitamins are provided at a generous level above RDAs. Vitamin K2 can decrease calcification of arteries and improve circulation. All these nutrients have been included in the Alpha Nutrition series of elemental formulas.

    When kidneys are damaged by diabetes, protein can become toxic, but small doses of pure amino acids can supply nutrient needs safely. You can eat much less protein, spare your kidneys and have superior nutrition.

    Diabetic treatment plan as simple as possible.

    1. Do Complete Comprehensive Diet Revision
    2. No added Sugar
    3. Alpha DMX mixed with fresh or frozen fruit or vegetables to replace one or two meals per day
    4. Exercise everyday
    5. Lose weight

    High Nutrient Density

    A key concept in diabetes and weight management is that appetite and weight regulation is largely determined by the adequacy of the incoming nutrient set. A low nutrient to calorie ratio means you will eat more and gain weight.

    DMX is designed to achieve a high nutrient density with no caloric intake. The proportions of nutrients in Alpha DMX provide balanced nutrition with the sense of satiety, the satisfied feeling when you have had enough to eat. You can two meals per day with DMX in juice and then have a light dinner, keeping your caloric intake low and your nutrient intake high.

    The Value of Alpha DMX

    Alpha DMX is a bottle full of nutrients. Technically, it is an elemental nutrient formula designed for partial meal replacement. The chief advantages of Alpha DMX are:

    • complete nutrient intake of vitamins, minerals and amino acids
    • high nutrient density is provided with little caloric intake
    • purified ingredients to minimize problems associated with food allergy
    • high solubility nutrient preparation to increase nutrient absorption
    • no digestion required
    • reduced cravings
    • easy to use, just add to juice, soups or food.

    All vitamins and minerals except sodium are provided at or above the recommended daily intake.. The formula is designed to provide adequate nutrient intake with reduced calories. We have found that patients are more stable when they take Alpha DMX at critical times during the day:

    1. Soon after awakening
    2. Late afternoon
    3. Evening

    We have observed that people with a tendency to sugar cravings tend be more stable over the long term if they continue to use Alpha DMX on a daily basis. The tendency to slip back into old, dysfunctional eating patterns can be reduced.

    Alpha DMX is Different from Other Formulas

    Alpha DMX is fat free. Alpha DMX is the only formula available that provides a complete nutrient set with low caloric intake. The conundrum that diabetics face is that if they eat enough food to get all the nutrients they need, problems arise. If you eat too much carbohydrate, the blood sugar rises. If you eat too much fat, you gain weight and your arteries get lugged with fat. If you eat too much protein, you may get severe food allergic effects, Your blood ammonia rises and your kidneys have a hard time.

    Advantages of Pure Amino Acids

    Instead of proteins, free amino acids are provided in Alpha DMX. A complete set of the nine essential amino acids is complemented by 10 of the non-essential amino acids. Alpha DMX contains branch-chain amino acids designed to enhance muscle action and growth. Leucine in particular seems to promote muscle growth, acting in concert with insulin. The other two branch-chain amino acids, isoleucine and valine, may also supply muscle fuel if impairment of glucose utilization occurs. Arginine has been effective in improving tissue repair and can be considered growth-promoting.

    Some of these amino acids are not destined to be included in body proteins but will be used as neurotransmitters. Tyrosine and phenylalanine, for example, are converted to dopamine, noradrenalin and adrenalin. Tryptophan is converted into serotonin. Glycine itself is a major neurotransmitter in the spinal cord. Glutamate is another important amino acid - neurotransmitter.

    Alpha DMX is a bottle full of nutrients designed to is designed to achieve high nutrient density with reduced caloric intake. DMX is best mixed with frozen fruit, vegetables or as juices in a blender. Depending on your food tolerances, rice milk, soya milk and yogurt may be added to the DMX mix and blended. Calories are provided by the food added to the DMX mix and eaten during the day. The formula contains no fats. DMX daily dose 25 Grams as 2 servings of 12.5 grams twice a day. Sold in 500-Gram jars that supply 20 or more days of complete nutritional support.

    Download DMX Instructions as a PDF file with complete formula information

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