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  • Infant Feeding

    The Alpha Nutrition Program’s progressive food introduction is based on infant feeding practice. An infant has no food tolerance; when mother first introduces food, she prepares some rice cereal and then cooks vegetables well and makes purées. She introduces one food at a time and watches to be sure that the infant is tolerating the new food. She maintains nutritional intake with her breast milk or infant formula until adequate nutrition is available from food alone. Phase 1 foods are first foods for infants. They can be introduced one at a time to establish tolerance and the rate of food introduction can vary from one food a week to one food every 3 or 4 weeks, depending on nutritional needs and tolerance.

    One problem with mother's milk is that it may contain food allergens that the mother has absorbed intact. Allergens derived from cow's milk may appear in the mother's milk and sensitize her child. The circuit of milk proteins through a mother's body, through the breast into the milk, into the infant's gastrointestinal tract, and into the infant's body is a remarkable biological fact. This passage of food proteins through many body filters and defense systems demonstrates how porous the human body is to macromolecules.

    Since food allergens from the mother's diet may appear in her breast milk, the lactating mother may have to modify her diet to protect her infant. Her restrictions may include the avoidance of milk products and other highly allergenic foods, such as eggs, peanuts, citrus fruits, chocolate, nuts, and, sometimes, cereal grains, certain meats, and fish. The Alpha Nutrition Program is an effective and safe method for a breastfeeding mother to modify her diet to solve food-related health problems in her infant.

    Low Allergy Formulas for Infants

    Commercially prepared formulas, made from cow's milk or soya beans, have progressed over the years toward a more "human" composition by significant processing of the milk and addition of nutrients. Both cow’s milk and soya based formulas present a host of potential problems, however to some infants.

    Cow’s milk causes disease through its protein content by causing both immediate and delayed patterns of allergy. Soya formulas present similar protein allergy problems and also contain high levels of plant estrogens that may interfere with normal development. If mother decides not to breast feed her infant, there are no easy safe and secure formulas to turn to. The decision is often based on guessing which formula offers the least risk of problems. We have deleted all recommendation for soya formulas as replacements for cow’s milk formulas. When infants react to cow’s milk formulas, hydrolysed milk formulas, Nutramigen and Pregestamil are usually tried. Alimental and Neocate formulas are also available.

    Mothers often contact us asking for help feeding infants who do not tolerate any of the “hypoallergenic” formulas that are readily available. There are infants who develop symptoms from almost all food and formulas. For these hypersensitive babies Alpha ENF can be helpful to increase the nutrient intake when food choices are limited. You can establish tolerance by slow gradual introduction of the formula.

    Feeding sick infants can be a demanding task and professional supervision is always recommended. Just as a guideline, you can begin by mixing one teaspoon of ENF in about once cup of rice milk or any juice that is tolerated and offer this 3 times a day for a few days. If the child tolerates the introductory dose, more formula can added the rice milk and the volume increased slowly. Alpha ENF is designed to provide all the vitamins and minerals at adult RNI values at 300 grams per day.

    The optimal method of determining the correct dose for formula is to estimate the nutrient intake needs of the infant and then calculate the amount of formula required. Vegetable oil can be added to the rice milk, ENF mix to increase the fat content of the diet in the range of 1 to 3 teaspoons per day mixed with the formula. A blend of half olive oil and half canola oiled provides a good fatty acid composition and is often (but not always) tolerated. A common initial effect of the formula is to stimulate contractions of the stomach and small intestine. This effect subsides with use and can be reduced by diluting the formula with more water.

    The most common mistake mothers can make is to feed an infant concentrated formula and not offer enough water. Extra water can be added to the formula or taken between formula feedings. The infant should have frequent urination with substantial volume of slightly colored urine. If urine volume decreases and the color becomes darker yellow, the infant needs more water.

    Feeding hypersensitive children 1- 5 years

    There are very special children who are food intolerant and chronically ill. Many of these children will benefit from careful feeding, following the Alpha Nutrition guidelines. The addition of nutrients in the form of elemental nutrient formulas can be marvelously helpful. Again Alpha ENF can be added to a limited food intake in the range of 50 to 300 grams per day to provide nutrient and caloric intake.

    Parents often contact us requesting a specific feeding plan for their sick toddler and we can only reply that a professional assessment is required to determine the specific needs of a specific child. Nutrient needs are sometimes difficult to determine because the individual needs of children may vary from averages and RNI values, especially if food allergy, other illnesses and/or injury are involved. We realize that good professional advice is often in short supply and can be expensive to obtain. The US FDA specifies that Alpha ENF and PMX are to be used under the supervision of a physician. That said, our formula instructions and our books provide general guidelines that help you make reasonable decisions about formula serving sizes and frequency. A reasonable approach is to begin with 100 grams per day for children up to 2 to 5 years and increase up to a maximum of 300 grams per day if required. At 300 grams per day the intake of most nutrients reaches adult RNI with a caloric intake of about 1100.

  • Alpha ENF, Modular Nutrition, Medical Food

    Mix Alpha ENF in water and be healthy. Alpha ENF is an all-propose meal replacement formula. Alpha ENF can replace food entirely short term. Packaged as a dry powder in 1000 gram jars. ENF is mixed in a blender to make a complete meal. Alpha ENF is supplied in 1000 mg (1 kg) jars = Gross weight. Net formula weight is 925 Grams per jar. Before you order, we want you to be well informed about formula ingredients, nutrient values and uses. Complete ENF information is available in a Adobe PDF eBook format for free download. The Alpha ENF Book explains the theory, history and uses of our nutrient formulas. Download as a PDF file and read in the Adobe Reader. A 500 gram jar of Alpha ENF unflavored is intended for introductory test purposes, before you order more formula. Alpha ENF is gluten free and does not contain cows milk, Soya, or egg ingredients. Alpha ENF is suitable for vegetarians.

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    New Formula Orders If you are ordering Alpha ENF for the first time, A 500 gram jar of unflavored Alpha ENF is available for you to order and evaluate before ordering a larger quantity. You need to confirm that the formula is suitable and learn how to use it properly before you order more. Or you can order a starter pack which includes books and a 500 gram jar of formula for your evaluation. We also want you to read our books and become well-informed. If you believe you have allergy or intolerance please review our ingredient lists carefully before you order.

    Rescue Starter Packs are offered to help you get started solving specific medical problems. They contain books and 500 Gram jars of Alpha ENF, Alpha DMX, or Alpha BMX. The starter packs are sold at discounts to make it easy and affordable for you to learn more and try our nutrient formulas.

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