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  • Travelling Food Alpha PMX

    Alpha PMX can be used as portable food. Alpha PMX is an efficient method of transporting nutrients on expeditions, hiking, and mountain climbing. If you are traveling, you save weight and volume by just taking nutrients along. Travelers have reported Alpha PMX rescues when they developed travelers’ diarrhea and couldn’t eat; when they have been stranded by bad weather on a boat trip, or simply couldn’t find the right food when they were in a foreign country.

    Alpha PMX and water are the ultimate survival rations.

    Alpha PMX is a complete nutrient set minus the lipid component, designed to be mixed with water, fruit or vegetable juices. Alpha PMX is a dry powder and is preferred for longer-term storage of nutrients and traveling. The vegetable oil as the fat component has been omitted, extending the shelf life. Any vegetable oil can be added to Alpha PMX at the time of use to complete the nutrient set. The formula is packaged in 1000 Gram plastic jars.

    An adult using minimal energy can live for 4 days on 1000 Grams of Alpha PMX and water.

    Many Alpha ENF and PMX users have food intolerances and take the formula with them wherever they go in case they cannot find the right food or they eat the wrong food and become ill. A one kilogram bottle can supply 4 days of basic nutrition. We recommend regular Alpha ENF for short trips since it is a complete nutrient set and can replace meals just by mixing with juice. For longer trips, hot countries and storage, we recommend Alpha PMX

    Alpha PMX is a better formula than Alpha ENF to take in hot weather and to tropical climates. Alpha PMX is less sensitive to heat driven oxidation. Fatty acids can be supplied separately in the form of fresh vegetable oil added to the formula at the time of mixing with juices or water.

    Nutrient Values

    The nutrient values of Alpha PMX are listed on the label as nutrients available per 1000 Kcal or 300 grams of the formula. Carbohydrate supplies 88 % of the calories and amino acids (protein) 12 %. There is a complete set of essential and non-essential free-form amino acids and a complete set of vitamins and minerals with extra amounts of antioxidants and choline. The average serving size is 50 grams six times a day.

  • Mix Alpha PMX with fresh or frozen fruits, vegetables, or juices in a blender and be healthy. Alpha PMX is an all-propose meal replacement formula. Packaged as a dry powder in 1000 gram jars. PMX is mixed with with vegetable oil to make a complete meal. Before you order, we want you to be well educated about PMX ingredients, nutrient values and uses. Alpha PMX is gluten free and does not contain cows milk, Soya, or egg ingredients.
    Alpha PMX is suitable for vegetarians.
    A summary of PMX information is available in the Adobe PDF eBook format for free download

    Download Book of Alpha PMX

    New Formula Orders If you are ordering Alpha PMX for the first time, we limit formula orders to one jar. You need to evaluate the formula and learn how to use it properly before you order more. We also want you to read our books and become well-informed. If you believe you have allergy or intolerance to vitamins, minerals, oils, or sugars please review our ingredient lists carefully before you order.

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