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  • Alpha PMX Nutrient Values

    Nutrient Values are listed on the label per 100 grams of formula. There are two patterns of PMX use:

    As part of daily nutrition, the formula can be added to juice to supply all nutrients except fat in a soluble, quickly absorbed form of nutrition. To complete the nutrient set, a combination of vegetable and fish oil is added to the formula at the time of mixing.

    Carbohydrate supplies 88% of the calories and amino acids (protein) 12%. Non-nutrient fiber is 5.7 gm/100 gm.

    Alpha PMX is designed to supply all vitamins above recommended daily allowances and mineral levels at RDA (except for lower sodium and potassium) with an intake of 300 grams per day. The formula is fat free. For complete food replacement vegetable oil is added to the formula to supply up to 35% of total calories as fat.

    The beginning serving size is 50 grams (about 3 heaping tablespoons). Smaller amounts of Alpha PMX should be used at first if you get symptoms from a 50 gram dose. Hypersensitive people have adapted by slowly increasing the dose they take - starting with teaspoon quantities several times a day, slowly increasing the quantity until 50 gram or larger servings are tolerated. Experienced users can often boost the single serving size up to 100 grams; this is equivalent to 350 Calories.

    Complete Nutrition If you are using Alpha PMX for complete nutrition, start with 50 gram servings 3 to 4 times a day and increase until your caloric needs are met; 50 gm is about 3 heaping tablespoons or a little less that 1/3 cup of formula - mix in one or more cups (about 220 ml) of water or juice. Have extra water between servings of the formula.

    Adding fat to the formula: To complete, the nutrient set, add vegetable oil at the rate of one to two tablespoons per 100 grams of the formula. The addition of fat is required to supply essential fatty acids and to increase caloric intake. A combination of extra virgin Olive oil and Canola oil is recommend with a blended fish or salmon oil sufficient to supply a minimum of DHA 400 mg per day. For example start with 100 grams of PMX (360 calories) and add 15 Grams of oil (140 calories) to supply a total of 500 calories. The recommended average daily intake for physically active adults who want to maintain current body weight is 1000 to 1500 calories. You would use 2 or 3 of the 500-calorie batches to supply daily nutrition.

    Conversion Table

    Metric Imperial (weight) Volume
    1.0 kg 35.3 oz 60 oz
    100 gm 3.53 oz 6 oz 12 tbs (flat)
    50 gm 1.76 oz. 3 oz 6 tbs (flat)

    Nutrient Values per 100 grams
    Alpha PMX

    Serving Size per 100.00 gm
    Calories 360.00
    Carbohydrate 75.00 gm
    Protein* 10.40 gm
    Fat 0.00 gm
    Cholesterol 0.00
    Sugars 12.00 gm
    Fiber 5.7 gm
    Calcium 270.00 mg
    Chloride 600.00 mg
    Chromium 0.04 mg
    Copper 0.70 mg
    Iodine 43.00 ug
    Iron 3.30 mg
    Magnesium 125.00 mg
    Manganese 1.20 mg
    Molybdenum 50.00 ug
    Potassium 480.00 mg
    Phosphate 270.00 mg
    Sodium 480.00 mg
    Selenium 0.02 mg
    Zinc 5.00 mg
    Vitamin A 800.00 IU
    beta-Carotene 7.50 mg
    Vitamin D 100.00 IU
    Vitamin C 150.00 mg
    Vitamin E 100.00 IU
    Riboflavin 4.00 mg
    Niacinamide 16.00 mg
    Pyridoxine 10.00 mg
    Thiamine 10.00 mg
    Biotin 0.20 mg
    Pantothenate 25.00 mg
    Folic acid 200.00 ug
    Vitamin B12 0.03 ug
    Amino Acids
    l-alanine 399 mg
    l-arginine 747 mg
    l-aspartic acid 747 mg
    l-cystine 120 mg
    l-glutamic acid 249 mg
    l-glutamine 598 mg
    l-glycine 1246 mg
    l-histidine 265 mg
    l-isoleucine 598 mg
    l-leucine 797 mg
    l-lysine HCl 747 mg
    l-methionine 448 mg
    l-phenylalanine 747 mg
    l-proline 448 mg
    l-serine 299 mg
    l-threonine 399 mg
    l-tryptophan 149 mg
    l-tyrosine 498 mg
    l-valine 498
    * Amino Acids supply the protein requirement

  • Mix Alpha PMX with fresh or frozen fruits, vegetables, or juices in a blender and be healthy. Alpha PMX is an all-propose meal replacement formula. Packaged as a dry powder in 1000 gram jars. PMX is mixed with with vegetable oil to make a complete meal. Before you order, we want you to be well educated about PMX ingredients, nutrient values and uses. Alpha PMX is gluten free and does not contain cows milk, Soya, or egg ingredients.
    Alpha PMX is suitable for vegetarians.
    A summary of PMX information is available in the Adobe PDF eBook format for free download

    Download Book of Alpha PMX

    New Formula Orders If you are ordering Alpha PMX for the first time, we limit formula orders to one jar. You need to evaluate the formula and learn how to use it properly before you order more. We also want you to read our books and become well-informed. If you believe you have allergy or intolerance to vitamins, minerals, oils, or sugars please review our ingredient lists carefully before you order.

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