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  • How to Study Gluten Diseases

    Our study of gluten disease extends well beyond celiac disease. A list of diseases that occur with increased frequency in celiac patients resembles the list of disorders reviewed under our descriptions of delayed pattern food allergy

    Two books address the gluten issues, the Alpha Nutrition Program, and the book Gluten Problems and Solutions. The two books, read together, provide the necessary knowledge for implementing successful diet revision. Other books in the Alpha Education series add to the knowledge required and should be read eventually, beginning with the book Managing Food Allergy, continuing with Immunology Notes and Nutrition Notes.

    We realize that misinformation dominates popular discourse. An intelligent person who wants to develop reliable understanding and an effective strategy will have to become remarkably focused and confident in his or her ability to self manage.

    Gluten-caused diseases are curious diseases that confuse everyone who has them, treats them or studies them. The first confusion is about normal food causing serious disease. Bread and cereals are normal staple foods. Toast is normal breakfast food. Bread, pasta, breakfast cereals, hamburgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, pizzas are described as normal foods and many people eat these foods every day. Confusion increases when evidence accumulates that bread can make some people chronically ill. Bread can cause autoimmune disease. Bread can cause cancer if you have celiac disease and continue to eat gluten. The task of a person with gluten disease is to live in a bread culture without eating bread. How can anyone accept such a deviant path?

    These diseases include diabetes, thyroid disease, anemia, rheumatoid arthritis, sacroileitis, sarcoidosis, vasculitis, inflammatory lung disease, eye inflammation, cerebellar ataxia and schizophrenia. These and other immune-mediated disease can be linked to gluten ingestion. These associations suggest that people with a tendency to immune hypersensitivity diseases are vulnerable to food antigens that can cause systemic autoimmune disease.

  • The book, Gluten Problems and Solutions provides both an introduction and also advanced explanations of the immunological basis of gluten induced diseases. The Alpha Nutrition Program is designed to solve the heath problems related to gluten which we consider to be both common and serious. The author is Stephen Gislason MD.

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    Gluten Free: The exclusion of wheat, rye, barley are the initial steps when gluten allergy is suspected. Gluten elimination should be part of a more comprehensive diet revision plan, preferably in the form outlined in the Alpha Nutrition Program. The Program is gluten-free and is recommended as the best diet revision strategy for anyone with diagnosed celiac disease, or any person with symptoms suggestive of gluten allergy. Learn more about the Alpha Nutrition ProgramGluten free recipes are found in the book, Cooking and Recipes.

    A good way to start your recovery is to Order a Gluten Rescue Starter Pack which includes 2 books and Alpha ENF. If you are not ready for the starter pack, order books and formulas separately.

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