Helping Children

Some Topics

  • Management of Hypersensitive Children

    Hypersensitive children need special attention in school and always do better with one-to-one teaching. They require a carefully managed diet, and compassionate care at home and school. They are often difficult to control because of their hypersensitivity to many food and airborne materials. Teachers handling these children must understand their biological problems and assist these children when they are dysfunctional. We recommend "time-out" methods of handling reactive episodes, and special attention to the reduction of environmental problems.

    ADHD children need assistance initiating and sequencing tasks. They often fail when left to their own devices. If proper management does not begin early in the child's schooling, cumulative learning deficits require increasing efforts at remedial education by personalized tutoring. These children will succeed if

    1. Their diet is revised carefully using the Alpha Nutrition Program

    2. Home and school provide protection from bad food and environmental problems.

    Parents need the assistance of the school to supervise lunches and require that teachers not offer foods outside of the child's safe-food list. Often classrooms are poorly ventilated and contain many toxic and allergenic materials. Air quality must be improved.

    3. Parents and teachers coordinate their efforts and cooperate with management decisions, monitoring children's progress jointly.

    4. Schools tolerate variable performance from the sensitive child and find constructive solutions to distractibility and episodes of emotional lability. These children have good days and bad days and often needs compassionate attention when they are not doing well; they do not respond well to punitive methods of behavioral management.

    5. Management efforts are consistently maintained over many years.

    The symptoms and signs of ADHD tells us that a child suffers biological disturbances secondary to more global problems in his/her food supply. The food supply problems are an aspect of a maladaptive biological problem. School failure and disturbed behavior is a biological problem with severe social consequences.



    Proper Diet Revision

    All of these symptoms may remit surprisingly and dramatically when food selection is changed. The details of a successful food plan vary from individual to individual. The most globally successful diet revision in all these illnesses involves complete revision of the problematic diet.

    1. Selective "elimination diets" tend not to work.
    2. There are no tests for this type of food allergy.
    3. The proper technique of diet revision therapy is designed to solve simultaneous problems in the child's food supply.

    Consideration is given to

    • choosing nourishing, primary, low allergenic foods as dietary staples,
    • assuring nutrient adequacy by careful monitoring of the child's food intake.

    The Alpha Nutrition Program is can help to solve learning and behavior problems in children. The program solves food allergy problems, generates healthy eating practices, and encourages a return to adaptive self-regulation. A children's rescue starter pack combines this program with the book; Feeding Children and a 500 Gram jar of Alpha ENF, our complete nutrition, food replacement formula.