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  • Fixing A Food Disease

    People with diabetes 2 have a food-disease. They have the task of changing their food choices and managing their diet conscientiously and carefully. This is a difficult task. While there is no doubt that all diabetics have to avoid excess sugar in their diet, eat more vegetables and less fat, there is doubt about every other aspect of diabetic nutrition. We develop a perspective on diabetic management and reveal issues that are not well understood. We will suggest intelligent strategies for self-management of diabetes 2.

    Reducing caloric intake is a key to success

    If you follow common arguments about diabetic diets, then all diabetics should eat a low carbohydrate, low fat, low protein diet. The only way you can achieve all three goals is to eat a low food diet. Indeed reducing caloric intake is the key to success. Another key to success is to increase your energy expenditure by leading a more active life.

    The Alpha Nutrition Program is a standard method of diet revision that proceeds in a simple, logical manner. You eat more vegetables, more fruit, less fat, less to no meat and balance your new diet according to the best nutritional ideas. The program leaves out foods and food products that are higher risk and includes foods that have protective and beneficial effects.

    The Alpha Nutrition approach includes Alpha DMX a specially designed elemental nutrient formula. We invented Alpha DMX to solve the problem of nutrient deficiency when you reduce your caloric intake. With 25 grams of Alpha DMX per day, your nutrient intake reaches recommended daily intakes goals for all vitamins and minerals even if you eat no food.

    The Supreme Importance of Diet Revision

    Standard medical treatment protocols for Diabetes 2 always mention diet revision and then quickly proceed to medication options. While diet control is always mentioned, the critical, decisive importance of diet revision and exercise is often not emphasized. Diet revision is neglected in favor of drug treatments.

    I believe that DB2 is mostly caused by a combination of problems in the food supply and by problems that are concealed. The evidence implicates "normal" foods that most people eat such as red meat, processed meats, dairy products, bread, milk and eggs. We know that most overweight people who develop diabetes have symptoms of other disease processes. These warning symptoms usually precede the onset of diabetes by many years. An advertisement for a blood pressure drug in a medical journal declared, for example: "In Canada the average person will consume approximately 12 cows, 20 hogs, 11 sheep/goats, 1438 chickens, 30 turkeys, 11275 eggs, 398 kg seafood, 530 kg butter or margarine, and 192 kg of salt. As the consequences of a lifetime of cholesterol rich foods could be of concern to some hypertensive patients..." The advertisement implies that people will continue to eat the problem foods, and drugs will continue to be necessary (and profitable) treatments of the consequences. The idea of eating all these animals, their milk, and eggs is less appealing now than ever before, not only for health reasons but also for esthetic, moral, and ecological reasons.

    Recurrent symptoms early in life could be resolved by diet revision, but diabetics, like most people, ignored or attempted to treat their symptoms and never changed the problem diet. The disease had every opportunity to progress slowly but surely. Digestive symptoms, for example, suggest that foods eaten are a problem. There are genetic predispositions to diabetes, but you still have to eat the wrong food for many years to get the disease. Genetic predisposition does not mean that the disease is inevitable. You do have a choice before and after the diagnosis is made. Genetic predisposition means that if you eat too much of the wrong food, gain weight and exercise too little you will get sick and suffer.

    I argue that diabetes is a food-related disease and can be provoked by staple foods in the diet. Diabetes could be milk and wheat disease or eggs and meat disease. My truth is that eating delicious foods made with wheat four, eggs and milk leads to serious illness. I develop inflammatory diseases and my metabolism is abnormal. In my body, immune cells treat some food proteins as the enemy and mount attacks wherever the gluten, egg or milk proteins appear. I suspect that gluten 'allergy" underlies chronic illness in some people who develop diabetes and are never diagnosed with celiac disease. Because of this hunch, gluten is excluded from the Alpha Nutrition Program. Similarly, I have a hunch that cow’s milk and beef contributes to the disease. Again my truth is that if I often eat these foods, I become ill with serious metabolic abnormalities.

    The leading cause of chronic kidney disease is diabetic nephropathy, which afflicts approximately 40% of patients with diabetes. Replacing red meat with chicken and consuming an otherwise vegetarian low meat protein diet improves blood lipid profiles and reduces urinary albumin excretion rates.  While elevated levels of glucose in the body seem to be the leading edge of the emerging body damage in diabetics, changes in fat metabolism, liver and kidney function, and circulation impairment add to a cascade of dysfunction. 75% of the early deaths in diabetics are caused by coronary artery disease and heart attacks.

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