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  • Eczema in Infants

    Eczema is a common problem of infancy and many mother have spent many anguished moments dealing with itching, squirming, unhappy infants with abnormal skin. The problem often appears on the face as patches of reddish, scaling skin. As eczema worsens, the skin becomes more itchy, red, thickened, and grooved, and may blister, weep, and crack.

    The typical distribution of eczema is on the face, behind the ears, on the fronts of the elbows, the backs of the knees, the hands, neck, and trunk. Restless nights, irritability and crying are prominent. When the child begins to crawl, the exposed areas especially the extensor aspects of knees are affected. Diaper rash is a common association and may be severe. The eczematous infant has food allergy until proven otherwise. If formula-fed, then the formula is to blame and needs to be changed. Cow's milk is a common cause and switching to soya based formulas may help.

    If the infant is breast fed, then mothers diet contains the problem food and need to be changed. A decision has to be made based on the severity of the infant's conditions. If the eczema is mild and the infant is otherwise health and happy, the best decision will be to use steroid cream sparingly to control the skin eruption and monitor the child carefully for further symptoms.

    If the eczema is more severe, especially if other health problems are associated, then mother should consider doing the Alpha Nutrition Program herself. She retreats to Phase 1 foods for 10 days or longer - until her breast-fed infant settles and the skin begins to heal. It takes several weeks for the skin to heal completely and unfortunately, if mother indulges in small treats the infants skin may react strongly and postpone healing for more weeks.

    When is is time to introduce solid foods to the infant, the phase 1 list of Alpha Nutrition foods serves as the guide to first foods. If the infant does well with mother eating phase 1 foods we are more optimistic that these foods will be well-tolerated when they are fed to the infant directly.

    We suggest reading the book Feeding Children. For quick and inexpensive access you can order and download the PDF file at Persona Digital (click yellow button below). Once you understand the proper approach to diet revision you can order the Alpha Nutrition Program as your guide. While some infants "outgrow" their eczema in a few years, more often, the food allergy problem persists and expands into more serious problems which can be lifelong. It is important for a mother to learn how to manage this tendency as the child grows.

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    Feeding Children

    • Skin in Health and Disease

      is a book about skin health and skin care that offers solutions to specific skin disorders. The good news for many suffers some chronic skin disorders is that complete diet revision will often improve and sometimes resolve skin symptoms. This book focuses on the most common skin disorders that can be controlled by changes in skin care, diet and the environment. Eczema, for example, is sometimes an expression of food allergy, or allergy to contact materials. Dermatologist may deny the food allergy causes, so that their patients often have to make independent decisions. In all aspects of medicine, we advocate responsible self-management and offer this book as primer and reference for self-managers with skin problems.


      The book, Skin in Heath and Disease is intended to be used with the Alpha Nutrition Program. This text provides background knowledge, helpful in understanding skin disorders and the relevance of diet revision. Often a food holiday on Alpha ENF is the best way to begin recovery and the Alpha Nutrition program is an ideal way to design a safer, healthier long-term diet. If diet revision is appropriate to solve your Skin Disorders, you can order the the Starter Pack Option.

      We recommend diet revision to people with

      1. Moderate to severe eczema
      2. Persistent or recurrent hives of more than 4 weeks duration
      3. All skin disorders associated with digestive disorders.
      4. All skin disorders associate with inflammatory arthritis
      5. All skin disorders associated chronic ill-defined illnesses.
      6. Dermatitis Herpetiformis
      7. Moderate to Severe Psoriasis

      Starter Packs bundle the Alpha Nutrition Program, with other books and formulas to help you get started solving your health problems. The starter packs are sold at discounts to make it easier and affordable for you to learn more and try our nutrient formulas.

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