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    Some Comments and Questions

    I just wanted to say Thank you so much for inventing the ENF formula. It is the best thing health wise that i have discovered ever. Being a Bachelor it is hard to have to cook food everyday, and with the ENF, I have three smoothies a day and i am optimal. Thank you so much. If you ever want someone to sell it for you, i would be happy to help. I try to turn people on to it all the time. I post it on my Facebook, and talk a bout it every chance i get. Thanks Aron.

    "Fantastic website. Extremely valuable information. Unbelievable amount of research and guidelines. One would have to buy several medical books of great expense to track down this info. I have been researching celiac disease and food allergies for years along with reading about how diabetics have had exposure to gluten, dairy, soy which may contributed to diabetes. I will be putting my son on the formula, and I am hoping to improve my health as well. Your program sounds like it is healthy and effective. I know about amino acids because my son has had many amino acid urine and blood tests with many serious problems. Thanks for sharing your research. It is a real service to your readers, both professional and lay. Marilyn B."

    Hello, I have SLE and suffer from severe digestive issues- namely chronic constipation. My digestive issues are a result of impaired motility. I have multiple food allergies as well as eczema. I am very underweight and elimination diets are hard to follow: I am not getting all the nutrients the body needs without losing more weight when I do a traditional elimination diet. I simply can not physically afford to find out what foods I can and cannot eat. As a result, I would keep slipping back into eating nightshades or on occasion wheat to which I'm very allergic. I was hospitalized for a brief time with an obstruction recently. The pain that I went through and the fear that I was dealing with made me absolutely desperate. Other meal replacement formulas such as ensure and boost are full of sugar and allergenic ingredients that are not suitable for my needs. After much searching online I discovered alpha nutrition. I ordered a trial size of alpha ENF and the benefits and relief were hard to believe. I then ordered a 1000 g jar of Alpha ENF and I can say with little reluctance my digestive system has started to perform as normal and is healing. I rarely get eczema flares due to food allergies anymore, which is helpful because it helps me Identify and eliminate the other triggers of my eczema. I love Alpha ENF, the formula is versatile and tasty. I have gained 5 lbs in the month and a half I've been consuming ENF and I will continue to use it to replace one or two meals a day as eating too much solid food slows my digestion down and then I become constipated again. Thank you so much for creating these nutrient formulas for people like me, it's been a benefit to my health and the quality of my life. C. C.

    "My wife and I enjoy your ENF product. It has been the catalyst for improved health in both of us over the past 5 months. I was a chronic migraine sufferer (1 to 2 per week), but stopped having them when I tried ENF about 5 months ago. I have only had a single migraine in the past 5 months, and I contribute this miracle to your educational books and ENF product. My wife started using the product in order to support me, and has seen a dramatic increase in her overall health and wellbeing. We are much more aware of what we are putting in our bodies, and have a solid set of "core" food that we eat daily. ENF and your approach to health has made a dramatic improvement in our lives. Thank you! Dennis"

    Hello! I just wanted to say thank you for the products you guys created. I discovered Alpha ENF and PMX in 2010 when I was feeling completely hopeless and frustrated about my Crohn's disease. It has helped me so much and I am actually going to do my first food holiday soon to see if I can go into remission and really find my trigger foods as well. I know I have many food intolerances and this will be the best way to figure it out. I am very grateful for your products so much that when I am done with my certification for health coaching I will most definitely tell my clients about your products! Have a wonderful day. Stephanie

    "I have very much enjoyed your great Web pages!! I'm passing some of the information on to other families with gluten intolerance problems, and am sure their understanding will benefit as much as ours has from your excellent writings."

    "First let me compliment you on your outstanding web page. I spend much time doing research via internet and the nutramed site ranks among the top."

    "Thanks for your allergy pages. I have had symptoms that your pages explain very clearly. Thank you!"

    I decided to try your product and methods for help with constant headaches. I started with Alpha ENF along with phase 1 foods and went for 10 days before starting to add in phase 2 foods. By the tenth day I went from an average daily pain level of 4 out of 10 down to a 1 or 2. I was taking pain meds almost everyday. Now, I've only taken pain meds once in the last 18 days. What a difference it is making for me in everything I do! Thanks for your research and great products!

    "Four years ago I purchased of Dr. Gislason's now-out-of-print Nutritional Therapy, volume 2. Since then I've used Nutritional Therapy and Alpha Nutrition Program with great success and excellent results. So, I'm excited to learn that the Program is on the internet. And I'm interested in how to obtain the course Add-on for Arthritis. One of my food allergy symptoms presents itself as RA, and there are many people with whom I have contact who have asked for information on the subject. Thanks for your help. And for this wonderful work, helping people heal and saving our lives".

    " Love your site. You have really done a public service of enormous magnitude. It a good site technically, too. Your articles are intelligent, readable, and helpful."

    "Thank you for all the excellent material that you have written and made available on the Web. The subject of food allergies has interested me for a long time, and I have read a number of scientific publications in the field. Your program of Nutritional Therapy seems to be one of the best that I have come across. I am interested in doing research into the prevention and treatment of diseases (particularly allergies) using natural methods (such as diet, herbs, vitamin and mineral supplements, etc.). My qualifications include a Doctor of Medical Science degree in medical and physiological chemistry."

    "In November I gained access to your excellent overview of hypersensitivity reaction to foods. I was in the middle of preparing a presentation on the causes of tongue thrust and functional disorders and your paper fit the need perfectly."

    "Thank you for your very fine overview. It provided me with an excellent foundation for understanding allergies and supported my belief that infants so called "foods" including milk can create much grief for the child and for his life. "

    "I think your website is a wonderful world of information, easy to understand etc. Having spent two years listening to doctors jargon it made a really pleasant change to find a website that actually made sense. I only have one question I live in the U.K. and have a daughter with special needs, from reading your website about food allergies it looks like she is allergic to cows milk, although we have tried soy milk with same results as cows milk. I was wondering if it was at all possible for you to e-mail me with any suggestions as the hospitals/doctors here in U.K. have been no help. Many thanks. Once again my I say what a truly wonderful website."

    "Thanks so much for your invaluable web pages. As a long-time vegan, I felt indestructible until a horrible appendix rupture, peritonitis and partial colon and ileum removal five years ago, followed a year and a half later by the removal of a subsequent adhesion that had slowly strangulated my small intestine. I now feel I can consult the medical profession without being labeled a hypochondriac because of all the chronic problems that have surfaced in these five years."

    "First, may I say that this is one of the finest, best-written articles (Perspectives) I've ever had the great pleasure of reading. Perhaps sometime during this next century, we'll begin moving in the direction of Dr. Gislason's urgings. At least, it's devoutly to be wished."

    "Hello! I love your website!"

    "I really enjoyed your page on food allergies. I am going to link it and your well-written "An Introduction to Immunology and the Mechanisms of Food Allergy" to my page, the Antibody Resource Page.

    "I am dumbfounded at the intelligence of your website dedicated to food allergies. Bravo. "

    "Thank you, Thank you - for the information your site provides. My mother who has had digestive problems ALL her life has been informed she has acute and chronic colitis. The information I have found here and shared with mother has given her the support she needed. (You do not know how many doctors have told my mother 1. There's nothing wrong - it's all in your head: 2. It's just stress - tension: 3. Ignored her because helping was too much trouble…"

    "Hello, I am currently double majoring on psychology and nutrition . I am currently doing some research for a research project and wanted to use some of the information on depression from your web site and was wondering if you could let me know the author's of the depression section so i can give them proper credit."

    "I am a physiology student at Santa Monica City College, CA. I would like a copy, and your permission to use information from your Web Site in my research project. I am studying immunology and hope to be an allergist one-day. Thanks for the great info! "

    "Alpha Nutrition Program looks very interesting. I have never seen such a well documented, detailed amount of information as you have available on the net - good work!"

    "wow...this has been a most informative reading session for me....can't believe that i was right about what my problems have been...told doctor about 2 years ago i thought i was developing food allergies...Dr. pooh-poohed my theory because of my medical history (fibromyalgia..for over 20 years...had since a teenager as it turns out). I have often been thought of as a bit of a hypochondriac...your article truly describes the symptoms I am having right now...I cannot believe how closely..have lost 15 pounds...(weigh about 93) in last two months with no apparent medical reason. Allergies showed at high levels in my blood work...the one part that really got me was the circular argument...that is how my doctor views me.....anyway, just wanted to say that you are providing a very important and informative service on your website..and I am now confident that armed with your information I can get doctor to take me seriously..."

    "The Alpha Nutrition Program looks very interesting, I have never seen such a well documented, detailed amount of information as you have available on the net - good work!"

    "Hi. I thoroughly enjoyed the web page discussing immune system responses and saw your email below. Perhaps you can help me with a question…"

    "My wife and I couldn't agree more with your comments and advice on diet revision. I think you will find our web site both helpful and informative to your readers. [Visit us at]"

    Your site is excellent!! I have just two questions, though (or maybe I just missed the information on the site?): Is the Alpha Nutrition Program safe to take if one is breast-feeding, and is it safe and nutritious enough for one's baby? (YES) I have gone wheat/gluten free for about a week and a half, now, which is fine, but after having come across your site I was rather excited about the Alpha Nutrition Program but assume I'll have to wait until I've finished breast-feeding our baby to try it out? ( NO) Thanks very much for such a fantastic site!"

    "Thank you for such a wonderful web site. I'm so excited to read the various sections I downloaded. I've been searching for information that links diet with behavior. I'm researching areas of study for graduate school, and am interested in the subjects discussed at your site. I understand you offer courses, but I would like to know WHAT exactly Dr. S. J. Gislason studied, and WHERE he or she studied. I'm still in the early phase of my research for grad school, but haven't found a lot of information in this area. Topics I've been reading on are: neuropsychology, educational psychology, and briefly psychoneuroimmunology. "

    "I was completely fascinated by your web site. You were describing the story of my life ! Since I live in Israel - is there any allergy specialist/clinic in Israel you would recommend ?"

    "Thank you so very much. I have a 3 year old that is allergic to milk and every time he gets it he gets very ill and runs a fever. His doctors kept telling me that the fever wasn't from the allergy, but I knew it was."

    "Thanks for your allergy pages. I have had symptoms that your pages explain very clearly. Thank you! I have developed a software system to help people with airborne allergies..."

    "I am a research student at the University of Sunderland, looking at the effects of a gluten-free diet on children with autism, in conjunction with the Autism Research Unit. The research at the moment is a pilot study, monitoring children with autism whose parents have decided to adopt a gluten-free diet, in an attempt to reduce some of the behaviors commonly associated with autism I read through your web site with interest, especially the pieces dedicated to looking at the physiological effects of foods, such as migraines, eczema (very commonly associated with families who have children who have autism), asthma, and irritable bowel syndrome."

    Questions and Answers

    Q: Can a knowledgeable scientist (myself) prepare a workable self-management program using just the Book and about 3 kg of Alpha ENF?

    A: Yes, we hope so. The program is home science and requires an intelligent approach to self-monitoring and problem solving. We have laid out the essential knowledge in the manual. The instructor makes sure you understand the basic concepts. If you choose to use Alpha ENF for a food holiday, 3 kg will get you through 7 to 10 days and that is usually long enough to feel better. if things go well, you may want to use Alpha ENF longer as a maintenance tool.


    Q: We just received our first batch of Alpha ENF and have started reading our Alpha Nutrition Program Manual. How do we get a consultant to help us through the program if we think that is necessary?

    A: We would prefer that people sign on for email support. Remember that this is an educational process and we do not provide diagnostic and treatment services - you must go to your physician for medical help.


    Q. I have a question. As I read thru your material for this promising program, the recommended intake appears to be 50 grams every 3-4 hrs, totaling 300 grams per day. On the order page, the largest amount is 1000 grams for $44.90, which would then be a 3 DAY supply? Please confirm my calculation, that if the above is true, it will cost 51.41 (incl GST & PST) every three days or approx. $515 minimum per month to indulge in this plan?

    A. There are no sales taxes charged on our formulas. I assume you are talking about Alpha ENF, the best bargain in health care. If you were really sick and lived only on the formula, you are close to the monthly cost of about $500-600 CAD. This compares favorably with food costs, especially considering that there is no labor and cost of cooking, no trips to the food store, no restaurant bills and no dishes to wash. Compared with TPN at home at >$80.00 per day and >$800.00 per day in hospital, Alpha ENF is an incredible bargain. The remission of chronic and serious illness on Alpha ENF, compares favorably to medical therapies that cost tens of thousands of dollars.


    Q How do I get help? Can you refer me to a physician who is familiar with Alpha Nutrition Program?

    A: We do offer limited support via our Internet site but not medical services. Up-to-date contact information is available there. We do not provide physician lists or referrals You may be lucky and find an allergist locally who can help you do proper diet revision. It sounds like you have an older copy of the "Core Diet for Kids" - the diet revision instructions need to be supplemented by the more detailed and updated instructions in Alpha Nutrition Program Manual- again you can review the web site for more information and read our books.


    Q: I have Crohn’s disease and have discovered that some foods react some times, but not others. We have worked out that I react to potato, soy, milk, wheat and eggs. I presume the Alpha ENF would be OK according to the information on the net?

    A: Yes - Alpha ENF is designed for your needs.


    Q: Why does the sugar content not stimulate yeast? I have a yeast/sugar problem.

    A: The most important reason is that yeast live in the colon and free sugars like glucose and fructose taken orally are absorbed high up in the GIT and do not reach the yeast. If Alpha ENF replaces food, the yeast starve.


    Q: How could nature go so awry? You don't explain why there would be such profound immune deregulation around food allergy.

    A: Nature is the great experiment - the idea is that not all creatures are perfect and natural systems only run well for short periods of time. Food allergy is actually an obvious consequence of common, if not inevitable mistakes processing food in the digestive tract. There are basically two kinds of food allergy: The type 1 allergy is abnormal sensitivity - often with a genetic basis. We could do without this one. Type 2-4 hypersensitivity responses are more or less obligatory in all people if antigen gets through the gut boundary - once the antigen is inside, your immune system has to respond to deal with it. The first consideration is the function of boundaries such as the gut mucosa. The epithelial boundary is also an immune boundary - a primitive system of gate keeping. Mistakes are probable routine at this level. When you consider what people eat these days, its not surprising that the gut mucosa has a hard time selecting the good stuff and rejecting the bad stuff.


    Q: How do you think mothers can transfer food allergy to their children?

    A: There are several processes in utero - transfer of antigen, antibody and immune cells both ways through the placenta. Mother's immune responses are given to the infant in part and some babies show reactivity to cows milk with their first feeding. A transfer of antigen and antibody continues in the breast milk.


    Q: Do you think its possible that infectious processes deregulate the immune system and then we have food allergy as a kind of side effect?

    A: Yes, this is the beginning of a useful hypothesis. I have collected many histories that suggest a GIT infection induces lasting hypersensitivity. It is not necessary for the infecting organisms to stay around. Viruses are probably the most potent because they can alter the genome of epithelial cells permanently. Also, antibodies to viral antigens can cross-react with normal cell antigens, leading to an autoimmune process. This is something like rheumatic fever - you get a strep throat and recover in a week, but four weeks later you develop rheumatic fever - a delayed hypersensitivity to streptococcal antigens with antibodies and lymphocytes that attack heart and joint tissues.


    Q:Perhaps a rotating elimination diet is a low-tech way of letting the immune system rest so it can take care of underlying infections?

    A: I don't connect these two ideas. First off, I am not a fan of rotation diets - what they do is reduce the antigen load over time which is a kind of rest, but the intermittent ingestion of potential antigens does cause symptoms and may sustain hypersensitivity.


    Q: I'm wondering if food allergy is a secondary not primary cause of the symptoms but becomes a profound secondary cause and when eliminated allow the system to re balance itself?

    A: Yes, it may be something like that but the law of parsimony prevails - if one explanation will do, don't invent two. Immune responses to food antigens are natural phenomena - they don't need another cause. Disease produced by this natural occurrence tends to stable over many years, although it may end up as a disabling illness. The food supply determines how frequent the problem will be and how bad it will get. When you change a bad diet to a good diet, you tend to minimize the problem, but not eliminate it. Although tolerance to more foods shows up eventually on a good diet, its doesn't mean you can return to a bad diet and stay healthy. You can make a good case, for example, that if the food supply always has cows' milk proteins in it, then the frequency and severity of hypersensitivity illnesses in the milk-eating population will tend to be high. If you eliminate milk proteins, hypersensitivity illness will decrease.


    Questions about an Infant with Eczema

    Q .Regarding your answer to my question, you said that "an infant with eczema will tend to develop other food allergy problems so it is prudent to stay with the best pick of foods on the phase 1 and 2 lists of Alpha Nutrition Program". If they tend to develop other food allergy problems, would she develop food allergy to the phase 1 & 2 foods if I feed them to her exclusively all the time?

    A No. tolerance tends to develop.

    Q I’m very motivated to keep trying to help her if it’s possible or if I could ever find out exactly what things make the rash worse, but if it’s going to constantly keep changing, it sounds almost like it’s not worth it.

    A Your decision - how much effort is "worth it".

    Q I also have Alpha Nutrition Program book, but have lots of questions.

    A. Yes, of course. We think our manual is quite helpful, but your really have to study it; pay attention to details; and make good decisions on your own. You may be more comfortable with professional guidance close to home- so you should give some priority to finding an MD or dietitian who can help.

    Q. Request Medical consultation with Dr. Gislason by Phone

    A. We cannot provide you with medical diagnostic and treatment advice over the phone nor by e-mail. We have removed our case management offer for legal reasons but still provide scholarly research and expert opinion. As a company, Environmed Research Inc. has gone to great lengths to make good information available and to provide instruction on self-help. We also can supply your own physician with information and courses. We are willing to supply information and answer questions from your physician as well. Our courses are designed for self-management and require you to be self-reliant. The bottom line is that you are responsible for deciding what you are going to do and if you have any doubts to follow the advice of your own physician.

    Digestive problems.

    Q I’ve read with great interest your thoughts on the internet regarding digestion, candida, irritable bowel syndrome and other problems associated with the GIT. In 1988, I came down with a horrible virus that greatly affected my digestive system--night sweats, rash, fatigue, sore muscles, etc. Since then, I’ve never fully recovered. I have been lumped into the chronic fatigue group. I don’t believe I belong there. I’m about 95 percent from how I was before I got sick--I run five days a week, 3-4 miles a day, and I have a job that keeps me active and on the go.

    The problems I am left with are a irritable GIT. I have horrible bloating, gas, undigested food in stools, sore neck muscles, sleep interruptions, etc. Two things that help me greatly: Bifidus bacteria, which I take in a large quantity every two weeks and Pau D’ Arco tea. Of course exercise, sleeping right, and proper diet--elimination of all sugars (I eat some fruit), is essential. I go to all kinds of physicians all the time seeking an answer to my problems. They say they can’t help. "You have chronic fatigue and there’s no cure." I recently saw a gastroenterologist about Celiac disease. He gave me a blood test, which was negative. He said I look too healthy to have Celiac (although my grandparents came from Ireland). Besides, he said, you don’t have diarrhea (actually I have chronic constipation). I can’t get over the hump here. Can you please give me some advice? Should I start a gluten free diet? I am at my wits end. Thanks.

    A: You might surprised to know how often we hear versions of your story - many times a day for 20 years! Your illness does challenge the medical model since diagnostic categories are too rigid and complex pathophysiological process are often not considered. You fit the type 3 pattern; the basic theory is outlined at our web site. The GI tract becomes reactive and permeable; food antigens enter your bloodstream and trigger flu-like episodes with a high risk of developing chronic inflammatory diseases…This is always the predicament that Celiacs are in if they eat gluten but gluten is only one trigger among thousands of possible food antigens.

    The solution is complete diet revision using Alpha Nutrition Program. This is a major intervention, not to be undertaken lightly. It sounds like you are highly motivated. The basic idea is that you have changed and you have to stop what you are doing and redesign your food supply from scratch. Alpha Nutrition Program is a diet-design algorithm which works surprisingly well. My experience suggests that the changes in your body are long lasting; you have to assume that your diet modifications are long-term if not permanent. Gluten intolerance is assumed in Alpha Nutrition Program.

    Food Intolerances

    Q I recently developed severe food allergies and intolerances. Not sure of cause but my doctor thinks this was result of a viral infection/sensitivity to NSAIDS. Right now I can only eat about a dozen foods without getting diarrhea, churning sick stomach and gas. These are chicken and turkey, fish, potatoes, yams and squashes, corn spaghetti, can have tomato sauce, peas ok, canned peaches, pears and bananas. Have tried other foods but these seem to be a problem, e.g. rice, broccoli, etc. It took two months of GI tests to find out that the symptoms I have were probably food related. Once I dropped many foods, I got better, especially wheat, but I do not have celiac disease. I am 58 years old and never was allergic to anything except sesame oil. Can your program help me?

    A: Yes. You have found you way to many of the phase 1 foods on Alpha Nutrition Program These are the best tolerated foods universally. The program sets out a path of food reintroduction that should allow you to expand your diet. Consider taking the part 2 course. The program teaches you all the things you got to know to manage your illness long-term.

    Q: How many calories are in Alpha ENF?

    A. 300 grams is about 1100 calories. Alpha ENF can help boost you nutrient and caloric intake.

    Q: Do you know if allergies created this way are permanent?

    A. Long lasting but not permanent. You have to accept that you can never go back to where you started. Tolerance returns partially in several months to a few years - this is a slow process.

    Q: Do you know of cases similar to mine, i.e., some one becoming allergic or intolerant of a whole lot of foods at once?

    A: Yes, this is common.

    I stumbled across your web page and am absolutely amazed by it.

    Q: Is there more description on the manuals? So far I have not been able to determine what the "Weight Management", The Brain Manual", or "Nutritional Programming" manuals are really about. currently use a supplement called Ultraclear Sustain, which is distributed by Metagenics. Do you have any information on the differences between this and Alpha ENF product? Thank you and I look forward to ordering some of your manuals and possible participating in one of your courses. I have been trying to resolve my food allergy issues for 2 years and this is the most comprehensive information I’ve seen yet.

    A: Thanks for your positive feedback. We did receive you fax order for Alpha Nutrition Program manual; this is a good place to start since it provides and overview. The other manuals are add-ons to the Alpha Nutrition Program expand the descriptions of specific topics. We will send a copy today with information about Alpha ENF. We think that Alpha ENF is better than Ultraclear. Alpha ENF follows the scientific tradition of elemental nutrient formulas more closely than Ultraclear. Alpha ENF, for example, only contains free-form amino acids rather than hydrolysed protein and Alpha ENF has higher nutritive values per calorie so it is more useful as a nutritional supplement when combined with food to achieve a balanced daily nutrient intake.

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