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Chronic Fatigue
  • Fatigue Fibromyalgia Rescue

  • You are aching, tired, and discouraged.
  • You feel injured and you assume that your body is damaged and must rest and heal.
  • You need to stop everything that you are doing, rest and recover.
  • You need to permanently change your eating and drinking habits.
  • You need a period of rehabilitation to rebuild physical fitness and stamina.
  • The Alpha Nutrition Program can help to resolve Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and related disorders. The program is both a a diagnostic and a treatment procedure. The first Phase of the program is an attempt to clear symptoms. This is home science. You start with the hypothesis that your food intake is causing or contributing to your illness and you do an experiment to find out if it is true.

  • You want to accomplish important goals at the same time:

    • Remove all the problems in your existing food supply
    • Add all the nutrients your body needs
    • Reintroduce the best, nourishing foods available and establish a new healthier diet
    • learn how to take better care of yourself
    • Begin gentle exercise and slowly regain physical fitness.
    • Alpha ENF can be used to supply nutrients before, during and after recovery. You will require increased nutrient intake to heal properly. Often recovery involves a period of reduced food intake or fasting. Alpha ENF is used to replace food. Alpha ENF supplies nutrients that are required for recovery such as amino acids, B vitamins, vitamins D and B12 and minerals such a calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc. Alpha ENF can be added to fruit and vegetable juices to make complete meals of simple beverages.

      The most definitive recovery method is to take a food holiday. While fasting (removing the food problems) has helped many people improve, the penalties of no nutrients coming in are often too great for people who are seriously ill. We therefore recommend Alpha ENF use to insure that a complete nutrient set is available. The formula solves a number of problems more efficiently than any other method we know.

      When you read Alpha Nutrition instructions, you will realize that there are three tracks through the program - fast, medium and slow. You need to decide the best track for you. To help you decide what strategy is best for you we suggest rating the severity of your existing illness.

      The book Aching and Fatigue is used with the Alpha Nutrition Program.
      The Nutritional Rescue Starter Pack includes:

      1. One Alpha Nutrition Program book
      2. The book, Aching & Fatigue.
      3. One 500 gram jar of Alpha ENF - try and decide if you want to use the formula as a tool of recovery.

      Grading the Severity of the Illness

      Severity Description Alpha Nutrition Track
      Level 1 Functional Fast Track; Alpha ENF energy boost
      Level 2 Adapted Dysfunction Medium to Slow track: Alpha ENF Holiday

      Think of yourself involved in process that you experience at different degrees of intensity, at different stages of differentiation. Often there is a "background noise" of milder but chronic symptoms with more severe episodes intermittently. There is a correlation between intensity and differentiation that should seem obvious - the milder manifestations of hypersensitivity are associated with less differentiated disease. Milder disease may progress over time and become better differentiated. Many years may be spent in an adapted dysfunctional state (ADS) with stable symptoms or smooth adaptation to a slowly decreasing level of function and/or a slowly increasing disability. Symptoms of a mild ADS are often intermittent and ambiguous.

      Level 1

      You continue to function at work and home but with increased suffering and reduced productivity. The main problems are aching, stiffness, fatigue reduced exertional tolerance. You are likely to have better days and worse days, but as time goes on you have fewer days when you really feel well. You have less energy and less tolerance for exercise and your physical fitness deteriorates. You are likely to have digestive symptoms and the diagnosis is often IBS. You may gain weight. You may have chronic rhinitis, sore throats, headaches, generalized aching and stiffness, and sometimes-migratory joint pains but the symptoms are mild and intermittent and you tend to ignore them. Fatigue is associated with difficulty concentrating, mental "fogginess", recent memory dropouts, and trouble recalling familiar information. You may be tearful, irritable and experience sudden shifts of mood. You are not happy, feel stressed and close relationships suffer.

      Mild or intermittent aching, not associated with other symptoms is a life-style problem until proven otherwise. Physical fitness is an issue and many people with milder symptoms will do well with modest diet adjustments, improved nutrient intake and an exercise program. Lack of physical fitness is an issue and a renewed effort to exercise daily is a must.

      If you are a smoker or live with a smoker, then smoke is dangerous until proven otherwise. If you smoke and drink more than 3 cups of coffee per day, there isn't much hope for you until you quit. Cigarette smoke can give carbon monoxide poisoning and hundreds of other toxins in the smoke can rob you of your vitality in different ways. If you are a drinker - alcoholic beverages everyday and sometimes to excess - then your problem should be obvious. If you drink coffee, alcoholic beverage and smoke, then there isn't much hope for you until you quit all of these addictions. You do not have fibromyalgia syndrome - you have an addiction problem, malnutrition, and self-inflicted chemical toxicity.

      If your symptoms are mild or intermittent, you may do well with moderate diet adjustments and an exercise program. We highly recommend doing the fast track of Alpha Nutrition. You combine Phase 1 and 2 food lists to start and use two or more servings of Alpha ENF or Alpha PMX every day to provide an energy boost and to insure that all the nutrients are available. Many people eat poorly because of a busy lifestyle and may have margin nutrient deficiencies. Vitamin-mineral supplements may be helpful. Alpha ENF can replace missing meals and provide an energy boost, especially at the low points in the day.

      Level 2: Losing Adaptation

      If your symptoms become more intense and persistent, your adaptations fail progressively and you lose ground. This middle zone of progressive dysfunction involves a lot of physical suffering and mental anguish. You have reduced social and recreational activities in favor of resting at home. You have reduced work; taken more sick leave and you are worried about your employability in the long term. You have sought medical help and have been trying remedies. You are likely to become frustrated and confused by conflicting ideas and treatment options. You are most constrained by three symptoms - fatigue, cognitive dysfunction and chronic pain.

      As the illness intensifies, you are likely to shop around for help and will "try anything" that might help. You spend more time, money and energy seeking solutions. You may join a support group and adopt a diagnostic and ideological preference for explaining your illness. You may have tried diet revision but have pursued one of the many wrong approaches and have experienced partial or short-lived relief. You may believe that you have one of many chronic infections. You may have tried or are still taking one of many medications and/or herbal medicines. You may have recognized some food intolerance but you have food cravings and tend to eat compulsively at times. You may know that after some food binges, you fell much worse, but you are confused about what you should eat. You may be in denial. You may not recognize that eating and drinking behaviors are a problem. The people close to you may also be in denial.

      The Alpha Program Solution

      You will do better if you retreat to Phase 1 foods on the Alpha Nutrition Program and replace one or two meals per day with Alpha ENF. This is the medium track on Alpha Nutrition- rehearsal mode. You must make a definitive break with the eating and drinking patterns that are making you feel ill. If you find that you cannot switch to phase 1 foods exclusively, especially if you have food cravings and tend to eat compulsively, you need a complete food holiday. You order more Alpha ENF, plan a health-seeking retreat and spend 10 days on Alpha ENF alone.

      You may follow the medium-path while you prepare to go on the complete food holiday, but do not compromise your chance of complete symptom remission by going on Alpha ENF for at least 10 days and then follow the slow track plan of food reintroduction. You will become an infant for a while. You will need tender loving care and baby food. You will get better if you do all the right things. You will crash again if you fall off the wagon and eat all the wrong foods.