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Airborne Causes of Headache

Frequent headaches can be a severe and disabling illness. Some patients identify chemical exposures and specific environments as headache triggers. To make a complicated problem simpler, we assume that the trigger for two thirds of migraine headaches comes through the mouth

In addition. to ingested substances triggering headaches, there are a variety of airborne or environmental causes of headache. Numerous chemicals in home, office and industrial environments are capable of producing headache. The effect of inhaled substances and ingested substances often act synergistically. This means that if you overload your body by both ingesting and inhaling trigger substances, a headache is more likely to occur. Some people report that they are sensitive to the aromatic substances in the air, which can range from paint solvents and industrial chemicals to the perfuming ingredients in for cosmetic purposes.

Inhaled toxins which typically produce headache include cigarette smoke, carbon monoxide, propane, natural gas and air pollution gases. Formaldehyde is another substance that can produce headache. Formaldehyde evaporates from plywoods, press board furniture, carpets, and is found in air contaminated by cigarette smoke.

See Indoor Air Quality.

Patients who have typical airborne allergies, reacting to pollens, dust and moulds, often experience headaches.

These problems are easier to diagnose because they are associated with nose and sinus congestion, sneezing, coughing, sore throat, cough and irritated eyes. See ENT

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