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  • Alpha Nutrition Formulas Best Used Before Date

    Alpha ENF is a perishable food. Since most of the formula is sold directly to end users, formulas usually arrive with several months of shelf life. Check the best used date when the formula arrives and plan to use it all before that date. The formula should be stored in a cool location, below 72 degrees F. Exposing the formula to increased heat will decrease shelf life and is associated with increased odors when you open the jar.

    Alpha PMX, DMX and AAX have longer shelf-lives than Alpha ENF because they do not contain the lipid (fat) component which tends to oxidize over time and go rancid. When using PMX as a meal replacement, a vegetable oil can be stored separately and added to Alpha PMX when consumed to achieve complete nutrition.

    Alpha formulas are labeled with a best used before date. This is a conservative estimate of shelf-life at room temperature. The formulas are stable, except when exposed to temperatures higher that 80 degrees F. for more than a few days. Properly stored, formulas are stable and will not suddenly expire. If you want to store the formula beyond the best used date, simply refrigerate. The formula can be stored in a freezer to extend its shelf life.

    After mixing nutrient formulas in juice, the mix will ferment quickly if warm. Keep refrigerated or carry in a thermos with added ice.

    Mixed with water, fruit or juice, Alpha ENF, PMX, DMX are perishable because they are excellent nutrient mixes. The growth of micro-organisms spoil food. Micro-organisms love nutrients and grow rapidly in such a complete nutrient solution. The micro-organisms come from the air and from the surface of utensils you use to mix and hold the formula.

    To avoid the growth of micro-organisms, it is better to mix and use the formula as you need it. Should you want to keep mixed formula for more than 3 hours in liquid form, store it in the refrigerator. It can be carried in a thermos as a cold drink (mixed with ice) for up to 8 hours. Since it is easy to carry the formula as a powder, mix with water or juice whenever you want a serving.

  • At Alpha Nutrition, we are dedicated to the helping people find solutions for health problems. We supply books and nutrient formulas as tools you can use to solve your health problems. We ship through the Post Office to all destinations in Canada and the USA. We cannot ship formulas internationally. All correspondence about your order is done by email.
  • Alpha Education Books

    The books in this series address important medical problems and their solution. Everyone, who is interested in Nutritional Therapy, will need a copy of the Alpha Nutrition Program. See Alpha Education Books All our books are also available for download as inexpensive eBook editions.

    Nutrient Formulas for Meal Replacement

    Alpha Formulas are gluten free and do not contain cows milk, Soya, or egg ingredients. They are suitable for vegetarians. If you believe you have allergy or intolerance please review our ingredient lists carefully before you order. Prices are in Canadian Dollar. The us cost is lower depending on the daily exchange rate.

    Alpha ENF is the complete nutrient set for meal replacement, nutrient supplementation and food holidays.
    For Complete Instructions Download Book of Alpha ENF

    Alpha PMX is the performance mix, the complete nutrient set except for fat with increased amino acids.
    For Complete Instructions Download Book of Alpha PMX

    Alpha DMX is a designed to be mixed with orange juice to replace one or two meals per day whenever a low caloric intake and/or low protein intakes is desirable. This strategy is effective in the management of obesity, diabetes 2, coronary artery disease and stroke prevention.
  • For Complete Instructions Download Book of Alpha DMX

    Alpha AAX is the complete amino acid module.
    For Complete Instructions Download Book of Alpha AAX

    Nutritional Rescue Starter Packs Starter packs bundle books and formulas to help you get started solving your health problems. The starter packs are sold at discounts to make is easier and more affordable for you to learn more and try out a formula. A copy of the Alpha Nutrition Program is included in every starter pack.

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