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    Alpha Nutrition formulas are high quality and are used in critical applications to provide optimal nutrient intake. There are no comparable products available of the shelf in the USA and Canada. The ingredients are all chosen for purity, solubility and low allergenicity. Before you order formulas, read the ingredient lists and confirm that all ingredients are suitable.

    Alpha Nutrition provides a choice of nutrient modules so that food can be replaced, nutrient intake can be supplemented and balanced in a variety of ways. Elemental nutrient formulas represent the ultimate reduction of food, replacing food intake with a chemically defined set of nutrients. These precise nutrient sets are formulated by assembling nutrients into modules that supply energy, electrolytes, antioxidants, phosphate, vitamins, minerals, neurotransmitter substrates and amino acids as the protein building blocks. Instead of proteins, free amino acids are provided in the Alpha Nutrition series. A complete set of the nine essential amino acids is complemented by 10 of the non-essential amino acids. Amino acids are the real nutrients derived from proteins by digestion of food. Amino acids do not trigger immune responses. Free amino acids are more expensive than protein powders and hydrolyzed proteins.

    The electrolyte module consists of salts dissolved in water which form the basis of blood and cellular function. Sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium, magnesium, phosphate and chloride are the essential electrolytes which should arrive in proportion to each other and in the right amounts for proper body function. Water is essential and the intake amount determines the concentration of electrolytes in the blood and tissue fluids. The right amount of water is important - more is almost always better than less. The Alpha formulations provide a balanced set of electrolytes. Phosphate is essential to energy storage and transfer.

    Antioxidants are provided in generous quantities in Alpha ENF because of their many potential health benefits. Vitamin C, beta carotene, vitamin E and selenium scavenge free oxygen radicals.

    The vitamin and mineral nutrients are presented with US Pharmaceutical certified purity and are chosen for their solubility in water - this provides quick mixing and maximum nutrient absorption.

    Ingredient Sources: The idea of an elemental nutrient formula is to present nutrients in a pure or near-pure form so that food source contaminants are avoided. The formulas are free of milk, Soya, gluten, egg, peanut and other nuts.

    There are no preservatives, food additives or color components in Alpha Nutrition Formulas. All the vitamins and minerals are food or pharmaceutical grade (FCC and USP) Each ingredient has its own history of chemical extraction, synthesis and purification. The US Pharmaceutical guide specifies methods of manufacturer and purity requirements for each nutrient. We purchase ingredients from reputable companies who are expert in manufacture of the selected ingredient and are some are the only supplier of individual ingredients such as amino acids.

    The amino acids are individually added to an Amino Acid Premix and are certified as pure, l-form amino acids - i.e. no source or production contaminants. No intact or partially hydrolyzed proteins are used in Alpha Nutrition formulations.

    Maltrodextrin (Maltrin) is hydrolyzed corn starch and may be tolerated by people with allergy to corn since the protein antigens associated with allergy corn are generally not present. Please note that maltodextrin, used in Alpha ENF, Alpha PMX and Alpha BMX does not contain gluten and is not related to barley-derived malt.

    Glucose and fructose: both monosaccharides are derived from corn and are usually tolerated by people with allergy to corn since the protein antigens associated with corn allergy are generally not present. More information about sugars

    Canola Oil is used in the Alpha ENF formula. Canola provides a better fatty acid profile than other vegetable oils. Unfortunately, there is misinformation circulating about Canola oil, mostly repeating obsolete information about euracic acid that is 50 years out of date. Canola oil is quickly replacing other less desirable oils in both commercial and retail food sales. After much study and testing over several years we are convinced that Canola oil is safe, effective and offers the best ratio of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids of all the available oils. Alpha PMX is an oil free version of Alpha ENF. See Oil Information.

    Microcellulose and Carboxymethyl Cellulose are the fiber components form plant sources and provides enough bulk that bowel movements still occur even with prolonged food holidays on Alpha ENF or PMX. The cellulose derived fibers reduces digestive symptoms overall and there is no known allergy.

    The formulas are hypoallergenic and have been tolerated by people with sensitivity to many if not most foods. Hypoallergenic means low allergy potential but not zero potential; we doubt that a zero-allergy product is feasible and is not required by people who live in the real world and are exposed to thousands of potential allergens every day.

    A well-informed and professional reader with an interest in the details of manufacture of individual nutrients should first consult USP and FCC specifications, the Merck Index, textbooks of organic chemistry, biochemistry and pharmacology. In some instances, manufacturers will supply detailed information and examples of certificates of analysis on individual batches of their products. We do not publish our detailed formulations and ingredient specifications since this is confidential and proprietary information.

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  • At Alpha Nutrition, we are dedicated to the helping people find solutions for health problems. We supply books and nutrient formulas as tools you can use to solve your health problems. We ship through the Post Office to all destinations in Canada and the USA. We cannot ship formulas internationally. All correspondence about your order is done by email.
  • Alpha Education Books

    The books in this series address important medical problems and their solution. Everyone, who is interested in Nutritional Therapy, will need a copy of the Alpha Nutrition Program. See Alpha Education Books All our books are also available for download as inexpensive eBook editions.

    Nutrient Formulas for Meal Replacement

    Alpha Formulas are gluten free and do not contain cows milk, Soya, or egg ingredients. They are suitable for vegetarians. If you believe you have allergy or intolerance please review our ingredient lists carefully before you order. Prices are in Canadian Dollar. The us cost is lower depending on the daily exchange rate.

    Alpha ENF is the complete nutrient set for meal replacement, nutrient supplementation and food holidays.
    For Complete Instructions Download Book of Alpha ENF

    Alpha PMX is the performance mix, the complete nutrient set except for fat with increased amino acids.
    For Complete Instructions Download Book of Alpha PMX

    Alpha DMX is a designed to be mixed with orange juice to replace one or two meals per day whenever a low caloric intake and/or low protein intakes is desirable. This strategy is effective in the management of obesity, diabetes 2, coronary artery disease and stroke prevention.
  • For Complete Instructions Download Book of Alpha DMX

    Alpha AAX is the complete amino acid module.
    For Complete Instructions Download Book of Alpha AAX

    Nutritional Rescue Starter Packs Starter packs bundle books and formulas to help you get started solving your health problems. The starter packs are sold at discounts to make is easier and more affordable for you to learn more and try out a formula. A copy of the Alpha Nutrition Program is included in every starter pack.

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