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  • Jonging = New Dance Music

    One of the inspirations to develop new music is the discovery of a pleasing groove that can be energizing or soothing. The idea of Jonging is to combine jogging with dance movements that follow an energizing rhythm and take you on a journey. I share the impulse to create a new fad with thousands to millions of creators. I realized that intense, expensive promotion is usually required to create a new dance fad. The delight I enjoyed in doing several variations on the Jonging groove and theme was really the only reward I needed. The Jonging pieces were originally created in 2010 to 2011. My delight was renewed in 2017 when I remixed the whole project. (Composition and Performance by Stephen Gislason).

    Here are some Jonging examples:

    Listen to Jonging Bye

    Listen to Jonging Four

    Listen to Jonging Love

    • Music emerged along with dance – rhythmic body movements that expressed emotion, displayed sexuality and enhanced group cohesion. Birds and animals dance, often in courtship rituals, sometimes in ritualized aggressive-defensive displays. Sitting in a chair to listen to music and to watch dance performance is a recent aberration that denies the group-music-dance connections. Persona Music Recordings: Our Music Catalogue includes recorded performances under the titles Persona Digital, P2500 Band, Em4U, and the Persona Classical Consort. Music online is offered to illustrate music history, advance music education and appreciation. The recordings presented online demonstrate Persona Studio's arranging, recording and mastering techniques. All the recordings are arrangements and performances completed in house by Stephen Gislason. The music selections and their history are explained in the book, Sound of Music.

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