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David Sanborn is about a year younger than I am. I mention age, since as you get older you become more interested in other creative people in the same age range. David is one of the great saxophone players who has played with the best musicians of the 20th century, mastering many musical styles. His compositions span rock ‘n’ roll, R&B, pop and jazz. I considered studying, arranging and even playing some of his parts as essential to my musical development. He was born in 1945 in Tampa, Florida. He studied music and played with the Butterfield Blues Band for 5 years. When the band folded, he toured with Stevie Wonder.

David continues to tour and record. I collected the following quote which I like, but can’t cite with reference: “My goal is to keep myself interested, to really not ever take stuff for granted. The great thing about music is that you never really master it. You’re always looking for new things. I have this sound in my head that I always try to get. Sometimes it’s very abstract. Sometimes it’s just kind of an ambiance that I want to get across, you know. It always gives you something to work for.”

I arranged and recorded Maputo, from the 1986 Sanborn album, Double Vision. Maputo is a port and the capital of Mozambique.

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Music arranged and performed by Stephen Gislason

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