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Spyro Gyra is an American jazz fusion band formed in the 1970's by Jay Beckenstein and Jeremy Wall. The band released 30 albums and sold 10 million copies. Beckenstein described the band’s eclectic approach to music: "When we first started a lot of the jazz purists got on our case about calling what we did jazz and now it's funny to hear us getting respect from the same people. Like, wow, what you guys did was so much more intriguing than some of the stuff they hear today… Art manifests itself in a multitude of styles and contexts. Isn't that why we started to play in the first place? Not many people know it, but Buffalo was like a mini Chicago back then, with a smoking blues, soul, jazz, even a rockabilly scene."

I began exploring their music by recording my version of Catching The Sun from the album with the same name. Beckenstein recalled: ”During the early years, we had the pleasure of meeting and working with some of the best musicians in New York. By the time we made this album, studio musicians like Dave Samuels and Rubens Bassini had already contributed to the group's sound. Spyro Gyra had begun as a band, but in the studio, it was always a producer's project. It was almost as if we started making the albums in the style of Steely Dan… many of the same musicians appear on the discs of both bands and more than once musicians such as Michael Becker, Will Lee and Hiram Bullock would be recording on both Steely Dan and Spyro Gyra projects the same day”

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