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    All the recordings are arrangements and performances are completed in house by Stephen Gislason. Scores are developed in multitrack MIDI using Cakewalk Sonar software The main sound module, work station is the EMU Proteus 2500. The music selections and their history are explained in the book, Sound of Music.

    Music describes a remarkable variety of human activities that involve making sounds. The best music should have some of the qualities of bird and other animal songs. Bird songs are most easily identified with musical melodies and composers have copied bird songs as themes for musical compositions. The main distinction in the world of sound is between music which is intelligent and pleasing and noise which is neither.

    Musical sounds convey meaning without the decoding required for language sounds. Some musical phrases are copies or facsimiles of alarm cries, bird songs or human shouts and cries that attract attention, signal danger and express emotion. I hold beautiful music to be the greatest creation of humans. The sense of musical beauty is elusive and does not require complexity or even great skill, although beautiful music is more likely to occur when the composer and performers are accomplished and devoted to their art.

    While classical music written in Europe is appreciated as high art and performed by skilled musicians, musical styles and forms in the 20th century proliferated and incorporated sounds from all over the planet. At the same time, electronics advanced so that recorded music became the most popular way to experience music. The science and technology of sound physics and the neuroscience of sound perception advanced remarkably. I have enjoyed many different expressions of this technology and continue to learn about sound synthesis, instrument modeling, recording and editing sound. All these activities inform about the way our brain processes sound. Music comes in all shapes and sizes. Some music is spontaneous and easy to make. A folk singer may be quite charming, strumming simple chords on a guitar, singing a plain song in a spontaneous and undisciplined manner. Other music requires years of disciplined study and practice and involves complex concepts and notation systems.

    We like to discuss music, play with music theory and explore new ideas and techniques for music composition. We have many years of experience with computer based sound recording and enjoy technology shop talk. We also have a well developed interest in how our brains process sounds and have generated a number of interesting psychoacoustic effects. Our in house music production creates audiophile quality recordings presented as CD's, DVDs, and singles and albums for Download. Click the links on the left to access the music that has interested us, listen to our recordings and read topics on music production technology.

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    Air on a G String, JS Bach -Digital Bach

    Born on a Bayou - Credence Clearwater Revival - Rock & Roll

    Little Linda (Spiro Gyra)- Jazz

    Gorge Harbor Blues- Stephen Gislason - Jazz

    Joshua- Miles Davis - Jazz

    World Within - Em4U New Music

    Digital Bach for the 21st Century are recordings derived from the complete works of JS Bach, edited, transcribed and arranged for synthesizer by Stephen Gislason and recorded at Persona Digital Studio. The project began in 2006, revised recordings were issued in 2017.

    The Counterpoint for Genius series is a collection of four albums that has evolved over several years though experimentation with a number of transcriptions of Bach pieces, many from the religious Cantatas, mixed with different voicing and, different tempos and transpositions. Mozart has received the most attention as the composer of smart music. Bach excels. I realized that many of the Bach pieces I recorded were among the best examples of contrapuntal composition and that counterpoint was the perfect brain exercise

    Stephen wrote:" I discovered that JS Bach's counterpoint, probably the most elegant expression of well considered complexity; if presented with clear definition of interacting voices, counterpoint becomes a delightful form of brain exercise. The Art of the Fugue (Die Kunst der Fuge, BWV1080)is a collection of Johann Sebastian Bach' last compositions. Stephen wrote: "I wanted to achieve a version of the Art of the Fugue different from other versions. I believe I have reached an understanding with Bach and Gould, that these pieces have a special quality that cannot be contained in any individual's opinion of them. "