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Phase 1 cooking is the foundation for your kitchen practice for years to come. Phase 1 recipes are simple, basic recipes, which evolve, by adding or replacing ingredients with foods introduced in later stages of the program. If your food tolerance permits, additional foods and cooking ideas allow increasingly varied and interesting menus as you progress through the program. For example, in Phase 1 a salad might consist of cooked carrots, green beans, and peas tossed in oil and water dressing.

You could modify basic recipes by adding or substituting cubed cooked zucchini, diced canned peaches, shredded cooked poultry, or chopped parsley to the salad, and salt to the dressing.

The idea of one-dish meals is to cook and serve the basic foods together in nutritious, satisfying mixtures. A one-dish meal may consist, for example, of a rice serving, vegetables, poultry or fish, assembled in a dish for quick microwave cooking and fast eating. You can microwave-thaw frozen vegetables and cook or steam-cook them, then serve over a bed of rice. Clean, cut and steam-cook fresh vegetables in a wok with pre-cooked rice mixed in at the last moment to make goulash.

In Phase 2, you could use boiled diced turnip instead of the beans, diced avocado instead of the peaches, and cubed cooked beef instead of the poultry, and add other herbs to the dressing.

In Phase 3, you could modify the basic recipe using foods from all three phases. You could add cooked chickpeas, substitute the fruit with sunflower seeds and the beef with cubed tofu, add minced dill weed, or use oil and vinegar dressing.

Modifying the salad in Phase 3 might mean using sautéed mushrooms, raisins, or shrimp in the salad, or garlic powder in the dressing. The options are yours to discover!

Give your imagination free reign to create tasty, healthy meals and snacks. Keep experimenting and modifying spreads, sauces, seasonings, desserts and beverages until you develop your own favorite recipes.

Alpha Nutrition Cooking expands the Program's meal planning and nutritional advice into a cook book with a difference. Your kitchen is treated as a laboratory where you create recipes that create health rather than disease. Unlike other cook books, only safe foods are chosen for recipes and your learn to prepare meals that will not provoke symptoms and aggravate disease conditions. The recipes are gluten-free, milk-free, egg-free and follow a progressive path from Phase 1 foods ( a strict hypoallergenic diet) to a more expanded food list in Phase 3.

Alpha Nutrition Program The Alpha Nutrition Program is a set of instructions and nutrient tools designed to resolve disease through diet revision.

The Program uses Nutrient Formulas. Alpha ENF is the principle meal replacement formula. Alpha PMX is a fat free version of Alpha ENF can be used as food replacement. Alpha DMX is used instead of of Alpha ENF for diabetes 2 and whenever reduced caloric intake is desirable.

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