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    Often, people with delayed pattern food allergy or other food-related illness are abnormal eaters. Most people report sugar cravings and/or bingeing. "Sugar" means a wide range of candies, cookies, desserts, baked goods, pop, ice cream, and junk food. Sugar is only one component among many that may cause trouble, but these foods definitely trigger strong cravings and compulsive or binge eating.

    Cravings for milk, bread, cheese, peanuts, fruit, or potato chips are as common as cravings for sweets. Even people with obvious milk allergy, who have a protective aversion to drinking milk, will compulsively eat cheese or ice cream, thereby maintaining their milk-allergic illness.

    The Alpha Nutrition Program is designed to reveal and resolve the health and compulsive eating problems of people suffering from delayed patterns of food allergy.

    The signals that mean you have food allergy are:

    • You do not feel well
    • You have chronic symptoms
    • Your energy and moods are unstable
    • You crave and compulsively eat certain foods
    • You gain weight rapidly
    • Your efforts to lose weight are futile
    • The most common symptoms associated with weight gain are:
    • Fatigue
    • Headache
    • Generalized aching and stiffness
    • Abdominal pain and boating
    • Water retention (edema)
    • Feel depressed

    The term "addictive food allergy" was suggested to describe the connection between compulsive eating and illness. Among our patients, there is a consensus that eating-control is difficult to achieve, even when wrong food choices involve serious illness. The consensus is also that some foods trigger compulsive eating, uncontrollable by ordinary acts of consciousness. The gratification is short-lived and is followed by discomforts and depression with renewed cravings. In intense bingeing cycles, you can hardly wait to finish the first food you are eating to get to the next, and the next.

    We see the most hectic patterns of weight fluctuations in patients with delayed pattern food allergy. One woman, for example, reported a 100-lb. weight gain in one year. She started to gain weight after a whiplash injury kept her from work and exercise for several weeks. She began to eat more foods, drank more coffee, and developed more symptoms. Her symptoms rapidly escalated, along with cravings, compulsive eating and her weight shot up. She developed whole body aching, stiffness, incapacitating fatigue, and digestive symptoms. She became so ill that she stayed in bed most of the time, eating compulsively. This was an avalanche effect. Her ongoing pain was caused by food allergy, not the whiplash.

    Successful programs for reducing addictive behavior work on external behavioral structures, first to withdraw from the addictive substances and then to maintain successful abstinence. The control of addiction is strategic rather than moral. The second goal is to learn internal control, essentially by establishing a safe “Alpha Diet”, and sticking with it.

    The third goal is personal growth. You grow out of the addictive personality into a healthy adult who makes free and independent choices. Your underlying attitudes and beliefs may need to change as you learn more about the body-mind connection. Old eating patterns keep pulling you back into the black hole. Complete abstinence from foods that trigger compulsive eating is the only way to avoid recurrence of the addictive cycle.

    If you follow the clearing instructions, without exceptions, food cravings tend to go away. If food exceptions are made every 3 or 4 days, the wrong food may trigger both symptoms and cravings, spoiling the clearing effect. If people close to you also have problems managing their food cravings and compulsions, they will draw you into their addictive indulgences and your attempt at diet revision may fail.

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    No one should claim that weight loss is easy, but weight management can be pursued in a rational manner with an expectation of success. First, you have to understand that the goal is not really weight loss. The goal is to become a smaller, leaner person and stay that way. The key phrase is "stay that way". A permanent change in food selection and eating behaviors is required for a permanent change in body weight. We like to think that successful weight management is a natural by-product of new healthy habits. A healthy lifestyle means that you feel and act well, you eat well, you exercise, stay in shape, and seek mind-body balance.

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