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    Fat storage as a disease causing process has received much publicity. Whenever food is abundant, humans and other animals overeat and get fat. What is biological purpose of fat. What are the benefits of fat storage?

    Dietary fats are a heterogeneous mixture consisting of about 93% triglycerides, 6% phospholipids and lesser amounts of sphingomyelins, glycolipids, cholesterol, and phytosterols. Excess intake of animal fats has been associated with several major diseases: atherosclerosis, which leads to heart attacks and strokes, cancers of the colon and breast, and obesity. Fat is energy dense, supplying 9 Kcal/gram. Dietary fat surplus is stored as body fat, and high fat intakes are associated with obesity, except in Eskimos who continue to follow traditional patterns of sustained hard work in extreme cold weather. Current recommendations for fat intake are shrinking progressively from 35% of total calories to 20%. Typical American diets contain as much as 42% fat, a surplus. Our needs are supplied by 15-25 grams of fat per day, 1-2% of total calories for adults and 3% for infants. Fat intakes close to minimal need may be desirable, especially for those at risk of fat-related disease. The Alpha Nutrition goal for fat intake is 10-14 % of daily calories, with 70% as polyunsaturated vegetable oil. Fat is usually fully digested, with less than 5% remaining unabsorbed and excreted in the feces. If fat digestion is impaired by pancreatic enzyme deficiency, an oily diarrhea results, with foamy, floating stools (steatorrhea). Ingested fat mostly consists of triglycerides. The molecules, glycerol, acts like a rack to which three fatty acids (FA) attach.

    Fat Storage Benefits

    Fat storage does have several purposes and offers benefits. Everyone stores some white fat to provide insulation and body shape. Our facial contours are constructed from fat. The shape of women’s bodies differ from men’s bodies because of carefully designed fat deposits in the breast, abdomen and buttocks. Extra fat is a good insulator and keeps you warm. Extra fat is buoyant and helps you float in water. Marine mammals are all fat because they swim in cold water. Eskimos are fat so that they can survive cold winters when food is scarce. Brown fat is a source of heat; calories are burned in brown fat to warm the body.

    Children hear stories about prudent animals who prepare for the future and do well and imprudent animals who only live for the present and perish. The child knows that squirrels store nuts for the winter and bees survive the winter by eating the honey they made during the summer. Bears get fat in the summer so that they can hibernate during the winter. The challenge of a seasonal food supply is expressed in acquisitive behavior, gaining weight and hoarding food. Most humans seem to have an odd mixture of prudent and imprudent behaviors and only a small number appear to be good at long-term planning. Humans are better at consuming on the run and adapt to changing conditions.

    Humans are relatively tolerant of short-term food deprivation and take advantage of surplus by feasting and celebrating. The party aspect of human behavior links us strongly with carnivorous predators who gorge when they have made a kill and then rest.

    Anxiety about the future vanishes when you are full and returns as a viable concept when your hunger returns. Predators are not always successful in the hunt and have to endure periods of deprivation or even starvation. Humans like other mammals store fat to supply energy when food becomes scarce. The more fat you store, the longer you can survive starvation. In other words, there is a built in tendency to binge eat and gain weight when food is abundant.

    If you accept that the overweight condition is caused by the lack of famine, absence of hibernation and/or the failure to schedule sustained athletic training, you are better prepared to lose weight. All overweight people would become slimmer people if they ate less food.

    All overweight people would become slimmer if they hibernated over the winter and did not eat food for 4 months. All overweight people would become lean people if they as trained hard and long as an endurance cyclist. Long-distance athletes are the leanest people in town because sustained exertion causes muscle cells to use fat as fuel. If you train long enough and hard enough, most of your stored body fat is burned as fuel.

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    No one should claim that weight loss is easy, but weight management can be pursued in a rational manner with an expectation of success. First, you have to understand that the goal is not really weight loss. The goal is to become a smaller, leaner person and stay that way. The key phrase is "stay that way". A permanent change in food selection and eating behaviors is required for a permanent change in body weight. We like to think that successful weight management is a natural by-product of new healthy habits. A healthy lifestyle means that you feel and act well, you eat well, you exercise, stay in shape, and seek mind-body balance.

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